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So I will say, I am enjoying MCG Darkest Hours, the version I have is whatever the main thread is cause I downloaded it a week ago. I get to about OP 2 mission 14(expansion)? It's the one after you capture the clan HQ/APC/Command Center. What happens is then all my mechs are in the red for little to no reason(None of them were brought down below half), and when I go into the mechbay, everything is empty and then I crash. I am using windows 7, 64 bit and I have tried running the EXE 640x480 under compatibility mode but that doesn't seem to work. I am attaching the error report I have for you. Thank you.
It has been over a year since my last post and i'm still waited for Info on this.
As of right now, no international shipping from amazon...

BUT good news, as of right now we do have plans to bring back our own store, and we will ship globally! Please be patient and keep an eye out on twitter/fb for when we go live with it!

It has been over a year since my last post and i'm still waited for Info on this. 
This build can have fun value as well as pump out a lot of damage, Granted its slower than most assaults. If you work closely with Assaults like the Annihilator or Atlas you can definitely pull your weight.

For skill tree nodes double cool shot and both magazine capacity nodes are important. I'd invest into speed tweak for this build  as well, otherwise it becomes way too slow to keep up with the bulk of your group.

Other than that if you're looking for an addition to your arsenal of Dakka Maulers the here's a build to try out

Or maybe the guy actually has a life and is busy with other stuff. It's not like he's getting paid for this plus half the bugs reported on here, like the game crashing after Op2Mi13 in the expansion, have been mentioned a dozen times and RiZ has said they should be fixed in the next release.
I didn't see anyone talking about crash after op2m13 expansion.
The latest addition to the Dank laser vomit metagame

With the addition of the HBR-P Right torso the build is able to mount all of its weapons in the torsos and head, This gives the mech better ridge peeking which further aids its survival in extended duration conflict and early phase poking with a 64 damage alpha

Operations tree investment and double Cool shot is in my opinion a MUST with this build, otherwise you will be a toasted marshmallow in 2 alpha strikes. Also invest points into as many heat gen nodes in the firepower tree as possible for better performance

I have attached my personal preferences for the skill tree as a reference point for the build, Happy Hunting Warriors!

Other MechWarrior and BattleTech Games / Excited for 2018
« Last post by kageru on 22 Dec 17 »
Alright MechWarriors,

2017 is nearly done ...

We've seen some changes to PGI's MW:O ... skill tree, weapon/'mech balance passes, timeline advance, tech update, another (better) World Championships, a bunch of new 'mechs and a couple of new maps.  Some awesome, some not so great, some game changing, and some not so relevant.  Probably the most troubling is the reduced activity, particularly in the off hours of Oceanic Prime Time.

HBS launched the quick play and head-to-head beta tests for Battletech, which promises to bring turn-based 'mech combat into the modern era of video gaming.  If you have any doubts about how good this is going to be, check out their Shadowrun series (Returns, Dragonfall, and Hong Kong, all currently on sale for super cheap).  The Shadowrun gameplay is fun, stories are rich, and characters are deep.  I'm really excited to see what they are going to do with Battletech.

CGL has been furiously working on streamlining the table top rules, compiling the most-used rules for 'mech-on-'mech combat into one handy rule book (currently available for download).

Mech_Con was once again awesome.  Great to see and meet so many fans of the Battletech Universe.

Don't forget to log in to MW:O and play at least one game on each of your accounts between 0000 27 Dec and 1200 28 Dec (UTC times) for a sack full of free stuff.  (I'm going to be travelling for about 20 of those hours, and I'm going to make it, so y'all ain't got no excuses.)

2018 is right around the corner ...

PGI is bringing Solaris 7 to MW:O (likely in Spring).  While this will probably not help queue times in quick play or faction play, it should bring an interesting new dynamic to the game.  Duncan Fisher is back, baby!

HBS is releasing BT (likely this Summer).  I have every reason to believe that this game will be better than anything HBS has put out so far, and that has me giggling like a little kid with anticipation.

CGL is releasing two all-new Boxed Sets, the Beginners Set and The Game of Armored Combat.  Each will come with new minis (GRF, WVR in the Beginners; BLR, AWS, CPLT, TDR, SHD, WVR, COM, LCT in AC) and new map sheets, all of which were on display at Mech_Con and are gorgeous.  They should be published this summer.  New board games seem to be all the rage with my old friends, so maybe I can get some of them interested in Battletech again.

And finally, by the end of the year PGI should be releasing Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries.  I was cautiously anxious about the game until Mech_Con.  I had a chance to play one quick mission (15 minutes), and it is going to be good ... maybe amazing.  Blasting tanks, VTOL, turrets, and bunkers on the approach was glorious.  As I got closer to the objective, it seemed a bit too easy to take out the CPLT-K2 and LCT-1V that showed up, and as I was making my way back to my dropship, the JM6-DD that started harassing me at range was annoying, but not a problem.  Granted, I was in an AS7-D.  I got excited when Russ announced that Mod support would be included -- I'm seriously eager to see what you guys can come up with -- and, when support for Co-op play was announced, it nearly brought a tear to this old cynic's eye.  Twice.

2018 is going to be a great year to be a Mechwarrior!

Kageru Ikazuchi
MAJ, 228th IBR
MechCommander / Re: MCG Modding: Weapon Balance
« Last post by deranzo on 22 Dec 17 »
I can't see Machine Gun even if I use hereitcomes cheat along with some other weapons such as LRM 15 or LRM 20. 
I use OBS-NDI - NewTek NDI plugin as integration into OBS Studio 4.2 that allows making streaming easily.
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