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Title: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: RizZen on 23 May 17

How to make a bug report with
BIGGEST chance for solution?

Very easy, feed me with that data
- system ur running (win10 64bit f.e.)
- game version ur running (darkest hours full version 2.0d f.e.)
- try to explain exactly the problem
- what game feature u use (original/expansion campaign / solo- / multi-player missions)
- what mission / map causes the problem (overview here (
- awesome help would be screenshots or error reports from game when it crashes

After Full version release of MCG - Darkest Hours - some bugfixes need to be done, here a list of what I wanna do after mod has gone standalone and easy to install & play: - DONE -
- purchase files update (problems with warriors showing up in-game and related purchase entries needs to be fixed) - DONE -
- artwork: update for background and menu buttons to show modded content- DONE -
- repairing *.sol files and updating them to activate approximately 95 solo missions to play then - DONE -
- introducing missing multi-player missions (64 total to play currently) - DONE -
- some mission updates for campaigns to make them run better - DONE -
This will be stuff coming up with first Full Version Update Patch later. - DONE -
When you have in-game issues... - report bugs here. If it's part of my work I may introduce your ideas. After all bugs of introduced content got solved I'm focussing on older bugs, balancing campaigns & develop game further. Especially artwork will get some optional updates which will be part of v4.0 update.

FIRST UPDATE FOR STANDALONE FULL VERSION v3.0 to v4.0 (final evolution)
December, 2017
In time between no further patches are planned neither will be released (only optional updates or map packs will come up for existing version in between). All reported bugs will be recognized in Update. Last date (deadline) for bug reports: November, 15th
All reported bugs after November, 15th wont be released in first update when you give report later. This will be stuff for next update then.
Now Full Version Mod can speak for itself.
Title: Final solution for 42 recreated vanilla missions!
Post by: RizZen on 23 May 17
by Splina from

i instaled last version 2.0d and tested a bit..

well...for me doesnt work. I see nothing changed from 2.0 version.

i installed only last version not entire reworked game...can be this the reason?

I dont need / want to reinstall game especially because i have a working exe crack. (No.CD) so i just installed updates.
Should be same result like entire reworked game but i saw same bugs on SP mode :

Original campaing still stuck on OP3 Mis2
Extended camp. stuck on OP3 Mis1

Still same story...different objectives in loby and in mision, only 1 enemy and impossible objectives.

I read links but thats just the history about updates.

well...thats feedback here.
Like i said, consider me a tester ([url][/url])
If you need prints about what i find wrong with game...just let me know,

Important notice: All problems mentioned below got solved with final purchase release of MCG-DH-v3.0! All campaign missions work 100% original now. Enjoy games biggest potential and ongoing support for new evolved version of MechCommander.

Answer (old content - probs solved!)
The problem with original missions 1-30 and original expansion 1-12 is that they couldn't be integrated in other campaigns. The reason is that the original missions where scripted 90%. Not editor or extender compatible. Reason two it doesn't work with original missions is that they all are stored in the same *.fst folder. The game version I have created only had user campaign missions (Xenocide, X-Ray, Exodus for original and turncoat, Bengal & dsc raid for expansion ) all completed and working 100% in it.
So there is where 59 missions for original campaign. And 29 missions for expansion. Task is to have the largest campaigns ever in the end. And due to the fact many asked for original missions I had to find a solution to integrate them. This was the hardest part.
All original missions needed to be recreated from 0 with editor. I had just naked map files. I have done everything what you can do to recreate these missions with editor and extender so far they technically allow. The capacities are low and the software crashes often, especially when you have complex mission objectives.
The source of original missions was extracted and download able from gamestand. This and cmunstas guides and some forum information of Modders and people trying same like me but suffering on it I've found. There was no suitable solution to find and so I had to develop my own recreation process with the things I have hoarded for MCG. There are 3 phases of recreation process:
1. Editor phase - unit placing, buildings & salvage, mission objectives and unit orders as far editor can do
2. Extender and Extractor work - salvaging and additional mission objectives and some deeper settings then editor can do, then compressing to usable dpk and extract to mission.fst file ur used to see (like multi-player maps)
3. *.abl scripting phase - extracting mission.fst and writing abl files needed to make missions as complex as origins has been

Phase 3 started with the full version release and must be seen as long time perspective project. I need players and active community testing, playing & enjoying game before they will be 100% recreated. One additional reason that I didn't started the abl part yet is, that I have some imaginable solutions I would like to try first cause they will allow to recreate them faster in the end. I didn't said for nothing that next update will be December. In December I think it's possible to have it done that way that originals are 100% back.

But since then you have to see the 30 original missions part of original campaign merge as training missions with gifts for players like full salvage containers. I said months ago on NGNG that original missions won't be 100% like before when full version comes. Cause many waited so long I found a solution to give players profit of better version in spite of the fact that original missions not complete. This is a problem and I know it irritates you as player when some missions not being like expected (mission objective issues) - and I don't like it too, but it's a compromise letting you as player taking part in development process.
There are many missions already finished but they didn't work as they should. It is not possible to make a working train for example with editor. I tried many ways of getting train work but I need to abl script that manually otherwise mission will crash in-game. Therefore I replaced some mission objectives (it's just for a time that way). Important to me is: Are the missions playable (not suitable of course they are not when not 100% original I know) - but I need to know if they work (start, objectives, end, next log screen) - cause these are the files who are backbone for recreation process.
I need to know what salvage works or if maybe some containers are forgotten who contain salvage.
And keep in mind: not all missions are on low level of recreation, some could fit in very well with a good result compared to original.
So at the moment left to say don't expect the original missions as serious at the moment they are not but that was never intended. It's just a technical game issue I would like to have them 100% too again but this is the most complicated part cause there have to be many file updated made.
So multi-player features and solo missions and some art work for new pilots (needed due to campaign length as the campaigns are largest ever exist) to give it more potential and making it a backbone for a evolved remastered version was first priority. Legend made clear to me that players need a full functional product to make it develop able for future processes and mission updates. This way everyone can help making original missions 100% perfect in the end. Only thing you need to do is to report missing salvages or wrong flagged buildings like sensors which don't work or turret linings. When all basic things work abl process can be finally finished.

So don't be mad with original missions, all other things work and after purchase file update for single-player and sol update for solo missions you can try out free all recreated missions to see how far the recreation process has been done for now. But this isn't the final mission, this is my next task. I apologise if this is making you upset now but I never said something else, therefore please have a look on noguts no galaxy to understand the complexity of the whole remastering process. I hope you can still enjoy my work and by giving you the perspective that this will be done next I hope you have a blast playing through it now, using benefit of the originals to boost your mechbay for harder custom missions. Also for skilling warriors the additional missions should be helpful for you playing through these biggest campaigns ever.

By the way: the version I have created doesn't corrupt your savegamefiles when you will receive an update. You can play it like you can now then with the difference that all missions will be back 100% at the end. Maybe in December I think I have some solutions which could work.

for Original Missions

I passed the last mile-stone of recreation-process from 42 original missions earlier then expected. The solution i have found to make missions working again matched perfectly with game´s technical requirements now. I have recreated original missions with RAW Map data using Editor, Editor2, Extender & Extractor. After reaching their limits i couldn´t develop them further with games editor and editing software. So i *.abl scripted the missing parts like Enemies A.I. and total numbers of units on maps manually to introduce original missions content. Result is having all 42 original missions for MechCommander seperated as one single *.fst file for each mission containing ONLY it´s missions files (terrain/mission & warrior brain files). Original Missions where originally put into games MISSION.FST file. But for some reasons having all missions into just ONE *.fst file caused errors. Second reason for seperating these missions from MISSION.FST is that it is easier now to update and bugfix certain missions. If the missions would be still used from only one *.fst i would need to update MISSION.FST - what causes problems with cMunsta tools (too many files in one *.fst cause errors when compressing & of course decrompressing it to be used.

So finally in Version 3.0 all original missions work like used to be again. Including two smaller bugfixes i have done for older missions. If you have downloaded an older version of Darkest Hours - update your version 2.0d with v3.0 Update (;topic=4427.0;attach=2836) - it contains all recreated original missions in vanilla conditions working fine again.
Title: Re: MCG - Darkest Hours - Bug Reports
Post by: ravens on 30 May 17
Hi I seem to have found a bug in "Operation 1, Mission 14" of the Original Campaign, as I can't complete it as the evac marker seems to be missing. I get Objectives 1 -4 complete but when I move to Obj 5 location (As shown on mini map) there is nothing shown on the ground and after completely searching the map have not found anything.

I've run the map twice once with an Atlas, 2 30 ton lights and again with 2 50 tons and 2 30 tons, both times had upwards of 20 mins left on the timer.

Sorry if this is the wrong area to post this.

Running Darkest Hours 2.0d version
Title: Operation 1, Mission 14 - Optical missing extraction marker
Post by: RizZen on 30 May 17

You talking about this mission?
Look here ( for mission overview. (Solution as description available there)

I can't help anyways when you don't gimme more input like what os ur using for example. I just can say in general that missions from X-Ray, Xenocide & Exodus campaigns were not changed by me. They where just put into a bigger campaign, that's all.
The missions of these three user custom campaigns existing for 15 years like they are in my version. So if it doesn't end on my side (sometimes happens especially when I was too fast on some points) I just replay missions in a more defensive way waiting for all enemies showing up and when it doesn't end after last objective I clean map if there is anything left to kill or destroy. Usually that works. Some missions have a hidden timer that isn't shown. Usually it's not more than 15-20 minutes. These are obviously invisible standard timers for some objectives. But in this mission there is an invisible on map extraction marker (see my posting below).
When one of the original missions I have recreated doesn't end it's my duty to make it work. But also here minimum two people worldwide could end all missions of my ultimate campaign.
Title: Re: MCG - Darkest Hours - Bug Reports
Post by: ravens on 1 Jun 17
That's the one and then in bottom left when in mission it show an objective marked number 5 with instruction to move here. That is the objective that fails as I complete the other parts.

OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
CPU: i5 6500
RAM: 16 GB
GPU: AMD 7950 3GB
HDD: 7+ TB
Title: Operation 1, Mission 14, X-Ray 05
Post by: RizZen on 2 Jun 17
I played mission like described above - with windows 10, 64-bit and AMD cpu:
- low graphic settings for exe (8bit, 256 colors)
- Windows XP SP2 / (98) compability mode true


Mission is to play like "defend" - three different objects. You have a friendly squad on your side defending main targets. The sensor tower needs to be defended manually the rest can be done by being backed up from allies. The refit truck allows to go into next mission without any repair costs and rebel joins your mechbay crew. (be sure having maximum 14 mechs/vehicles assigned in missions where you get warriors from battlefield.
After all enemies got killed you need to move your units (including refit truck) to the position i highlighted on O-screenshot-O.
You are right, there is no extraction marker shown like in other missions. But if you move all units close to the objective marker mission ends like on screen. Old X-Ray bug exists for 15 years - maybe i will add an extraction marker in my later works but for first original missions have priority.

Edit: Updatet Mission Description for Op1Mis14 ( 06/19/2017

Have fun, RizZ
Title: Final 100% Original Mission Recreation
Post by: RizZen on 5 Jun 17
FINAL Original Mission Breakthrough!!!

This weekend I could successfully implement the original missions with all objectives into MCG Darkest Hours.
So your problems with bugs on original missions or wrong mission objectives will have an end soon are over from v3.0 on.

Here is my current original-missions ToDo:List from abl-scripting phases (Phase 3 of 3):

Original missions
Operation 1: 0101, 0102, 0103, 0104, 0105, 0106
Operation 2: 0201, 0202, 0203, 0204, 0205, 0206
Operation 3: 0301, 0302, 0303, 0304, 0305, 0306
Operation 4: 0401, 0402, 0403, 0404, 0405, 0406
Operation 5: 0501, 0502, 0503, 0504, 0505, 0506
Expansion missions
Operation 1: 0101, 0102, 0103, 0104
Operation 2: 0201, 0202, 0203, 0204
Operation 3: 0301, 0302, 0303, 0304

Green: Already introduced into Full Version v3.0 ( (v3.0 Patch for 2.0d (;topic=4427.0;attach=2836) Versions available too)
For humans: this means I could start game and play vanilla missions 100% recreated and implemented into darkest hours. I played 30 of 30 missions from original (12 of 12 Expansion) campaign without any bugs or AI issues. All convoys, patrols, trains & mission objectives work like they should do now. This will finish my core work on remastered version and finally make game working like the original... no better cause it blows you up ;)
Red: Work in progress

I'll keep this updated. Let's see if I can come closer to the final recreation tomorrow.
Original Missions are back 100% working fine!
Now MCG Darkest Hours ( is the most complete MechCommander RTS version ever.
Title: Re: MCG - Darkest Hours - Bug Reports
Post by: Splina on 6 Jun 17
Hi, me again :)

This time i finished Original campaing and found more problems...if that can help to improve things.

First, old problems with wrong objectives or inactive / inexistent enemy.
Then i found problems with some pilots.
1. Burnout
Beome available to buy it after some misions and afer some more misions you meet him in battle in OP.4 MIS.9. Same pilot twice and result is a crash.
2. Hitman
Same story for OP.4 MIS.10...but this time game DONT crash. I can use both hitmans without any problems..but looks a bit weird :)
3. Countess
Exactly same like Hitman. Twice pilot and can use both.  OP.4 MIS.15.
4. Falcon
You deleted it? I competed whole campaing and didnt meet or seen it available to buy.

Next, another imposible mision to finish.
OP.5 MIS.13
It require to kill some commander (dont remember name) anyway its a unique Turkina, but when i kill him nothing happen. Objective is still here and unfinished.
This is not a mision from Original campaing.

Next, on OP.4 MIS.10 i found a but with a mech. Its Kotare Turkina.
Looks normal as an enemy but if i save his mech in my lobby it become a MadCat? Then if i use it in battle it become again a Turkina...weird.

And finally some TCs and Turrets wich dont work...but i think thats the smallest problem now. :)

Cheers and Good Job !
Title: Original missions history Report
Post by: RizZen on 6 Jun 17
Ty for this feedback. - problems solved! New 01_PuWa.fst (;topic=4427.0;attach=2837)

So here was the problem:
First of all I merged the user custom campaigns. Not because I wanted to do them first but because it was easy with them cause files are already stored separated mission for mission. The original missions where all in One fst file (mission.fst) - this caused many problems on old version and was reason for original missions crashing when being put in another campaign.
After I recreated the missions and stored them as single fst files I could add them into existing user campaign merge... logically I couldn't stack them up (balance and difficulty scale) - so they needed to be put into five existing and working operations. But purchases where already done. So with adding 30 missions into a 59 mission campaign some purchases needed to be added in between too. This brought them out of order. That's reason I'm working on a colossal purchase update (;topic=4427.0;attach=2837) for Main-Folder. Then this issue with pilots you get in shop too early will have an end.
For solution sell the doubled warriors before mission in which you get them and use the one u get afterwards. Invested skill points will be lost then.
Falcon/Mystique... and some others u gain in original missions and they will beare 100% back then as u see. I'm workingfinished work on it.

By the way
The missions already contain mystique,falcon & all other "In-Mission-Warriors" only. I will make an update and bring them to full version (already available). when I brought back the last mission to 100%.
Turrets and salvages will be are original then too again.

Salvage / Containers info
The clan loot I introduced into recreated missions was a gift for players in exchange for forcing them to wait for loved original missions being back 100% later... - so when I'm done with them they are really 100% like original with only one exception (mission 0101) - this I only changed to show what is possible to do ... by example.
After bringing back Originals up to 100% there are some forgotten depots and storages who give potential to add some clan stuff equipment. But first i need a list containing all in old version forgotten, missing or empty storages. No problem to get them filled for me.
This update will also containS the Purchase update (;topic=4427.0;attach=2837) with 91 completely overworked purchase files for each mission.

One last update info
For future updates I ALWAYS update the download for full version too. So when in future u look for updates only do updates which where released after you downloaded and installed full version. New updates will have exact dates of release then to make it more transparent.
The update I'm working on i released at the moment is just for Single-Player campaigns. So purchase files will be balanced and bugfixed after release and all original missions will work like experienced players are used to.
And when This update is done the backbone version of remastered MCG - 100% completed.
There are maybe some mission updates/bugfixes in customer campaigns like splina pointed out. There are problems with ending missions, Turkina bug, missing extraction markers or malfunctioning mission objectives - I think I can work out some solutions & work-arounds to fix those. But as this takes time cause I have to extract the fst manually - is a long-time-perspective process. The mission Splina talks about killing objective on star enemy ends sometimes ... sometimes not I just not figured out 100% what's wrong but as I've said this can be IS a task now - after finishing total original recreation process.
Title: Re: MCG - Darkest Hours - Bug Reports
Post by: Splina on 6 Jun 17
good, pleased to se that feedback is usefull ;)
i'll be back with expansion campaing bugs to tell yo uexactly wahts wrong and where or when i remember something about original camp. 

anyway..i remembered something already  :D

that Firestorm pilot...its reward on another mision but i think its way too late in game. Because it cant grow to max skills even if i use hi in every mision after i get him and thats nasty...its such a good pilot.

I know about double pilots how to avoid game crashes...but like i said, only Burnout crash game. Hitman and Countess can be used with their "clones" even if i use them all in same mision.

And will be perfectly if you can upload only last patch when you change something and release it...because like i said before, i dont really want and dont see why i should download and instal whole game when i need only last updates.
Of course, full version is good to be here for players wich doensnt have game installed. But for who have it, theres no point to reinstall whole game just for one patch.
Title: Update 3.0 - campaign backbone built
Post by: RizZen on 7 Jun 17
As I've said I offer both options. Manually updating (;topic=4427.0;attach=2836) & full version download ( update. Expansion is better. Less missions. Less bugs on basic situation. Purchase files I did when all missions where put in. With firestorm your right but it wasn't different in original version with the difference you couldn't skill up 80% of all pilots. Therefore later pilots have better basic skills. Only way to use two pilots similar who are same is when one is expansion version maybe. Dunno strange.
Title: Re: MCG - Darkest Hours - Bug Reports
Post by: Splina on 7 Jun 17
No, in original game Firestorm could grow to 100% on all skills. I skilled him multiple times in past...just like all others with good basic skills.
Title: Total Original Mission Recreation - FINISHED!
Post by: RizZen on 12 Jun 17
Well you got him mission 04/01 - means he has 11 missions to play in original version. In my version you get him mission 5/13? - and has only half of it, that`s right. But keep in mind that last mission of actual campaigns won´t be last missions atleast. Thats one reason for you to be excited for what missions will follow when campaign is working 100% and will be finally extended with MY missions - the missions before just the story what happened right now and was made by others. I have a clear vision how i will extend the story. Have a look here. (
I took firestorm out of mission 04-01 in darkest hours and replaced him with magic. Otherwise firestorm would join in two missions... (what would cause the next double warrior crash).

Latest News
Original Missions are 100% recreated! (
--- Download for modding - extracted mission files --- (;topic=694.0;attach=2835)

Now the last process before next update has begun: The purchase - balance & bugfix patch. Next Friday version 3.0 will be ready to be introduced. At the moment these files get updatet:

(MCG Darkest Hours 01_PuWa.fst {compressed}) // data\missions\when extracted files are here),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Green: Ready to be introduced into full version. When these files are done for 2.0d users a massive single player campaign update will finish the basic major campaign merge including 100% fine working original missions in BOTH campaigns.
Red: Work in progress. These files get some final bugfixes and balance.


Purchase files got updated. These changes i have made
- balancing purchases for equipment
- balancing purchases for mechs
- balancing purchases for vechicles
- balancing purchases for warriors
- warrior used twice (double-warrior-bug) - fixed
- reduced total number of buyable items by half
- for X-Ray & Exodus there will be no items added in logistics (story related)

Update v3.0 and new FULL VERSION DOWNLOAD 3.0 are prepared and ready to be introduced. (DONE). I will make a final walkthrough both campaign merges (Original&Expansion) this week and when no big issues i will introduce new version next friday,  06/16/2017. (DONE)
Next friday "MCG Darkest Hours" will be finally - IT IS  the full working full version it should have been in the beginning. Several problems needed to be solved and creating this version took me beyong anything other people have released for this game so far - offering the biggest ingame content ever made for a Mech Commmander RTS game. This puts MechCommander on eye level with Command&Conquer Series or other succesful RTS games cause all game features offering many options for players. It doesn´t matter if player wants to play single-player campaigns, solo-missions for free play or multi-player functions with gameranger in order to compete warmongers all over the globe... - MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours makes it possible. No download of basic version and *.iso file anymore. All game content is summonized in a Main game folder for instant playing without updating or patching anything up.
(The actual version of Darkest Hours is still 2.0d - works but have issues with original missions in campaign merge. Parts of v3.0 update are already available as smaller updates. The complete v3.0 Update will be end of next week. (DONE)

Have fun playing, community.

Regards RizZen


Latest Version 3.0
Download Darkest Hours - v3.0 Update for 2.0d (;topic=4427.0;attach=2836)
This update upgrades all 2.0d gameversions to latest standing of development. Only with v3.0 all original missions will work like in Vanilla game version. 2.0d contains older versions of recreated missions and some are only dummies with no enemies on map or mad A.I. Version 3.0 includes updatet *.fst Mission files for all recreated missions. These files contain 100% of the original mission *.abl codes - for players: They work absolutely fine!!!

New Full Version 3.0 Download (
Contains v3.0 will come out for downloading on friday.(DONE)
Title: Re: MCG - Darkest Hours - Bug Reports
Post by: Splina on 17 Jun 17
new bugs for v3.0

OP.1 MIS. 7  imposible to finish.
Crate group 1 inexistent.

OP.2 MIS.17  double pilot : Scarab
i think it was same in older versions but i forgot to mention him :)
Title: No Bugs comment
Post by: RizZen on 17 Jun 17
Op1Mis07 is no bug. Crate group is existent like it was before. On Op1 Mis7 I recommend searching on map for ALL crates. There are two crates on islands (south & east) you need both to finish mission successful.
Op2Mis17 is no bug was my mistake, too. There is no pilot twice anymore. Maybe you loaded a savegame? If yes... - it explains that you may have scarab already before this mission. With new files not possible cause scarab isn't available in shop before.

These 14 warriors (original campaign) are only available on missions and should not be in purchase logistics before missions anymore on games started with v3.0:
01. Op1Mis03 - Mystique
02. Op1Mis10 - Mantis
03. Op1Mis15 - Rebel
04. Op2Mis01 - Falcon
05. Op2Mis17 - Scarab -Problem solved-
06. Op3Mis07 - Thunder -Problem solved-
07. Op3Mis15 - Dragon -Problem solved-
08. Op4Mis01 - Magic
09. Op4Mis09 - Burnout
10. Op4Mis11 - Hitman
11. Op4Mis15 - Countess
12. Op4Mis16 - Outlaw
13. Op4Mis17 - Blaze
14. Op5Mis13 - Firestorm
Update changes are based on this list, not the bug report you gave above. As I already explained these where known bugs caused by introducing process of original missions that is finally passed now. List is showing order you get them during campaign. For exact mission take a look into warrior list. ( -DONE (v3.0)-
Remember me saying that purchase changes on savegamefiles only work for missions you didn't finished yet? When you bought scarab on version 2.0d before Op2Mis17 this bug may happen. If you started game on v3.0 there is no pilot warrior bug anymore. Keep this in mind.

Have fun, RizZ
Title: Re: MCG - Darkest Hours - Bug Reports
Post by: Splina on 18 Jun 17
* it works now...dont know why first time it didnt.

About Scarab, no. Its not savegame loaded.
I started new campaing after v.3.0 especially for this :) to find bugs. And here we have Scarab wich become available in shop and then i meet him in a mission. So the result is same pilot twice.
become available in OP.2 MIS.12 and i meet him second time in OP.2 MIS.17

I can make prints if are necessary, but i prefer to finish campaing first to see if i can find more bugs.

In your link about pilots i see that Thunder should be a reward from some mission.
I just got him available to buy in OP.3 MIS 2 i think :)...
dont know if will be double pilot but ill be back with an edit if yes  -  it is doubled !

Title: Double Warrior Bug Report
Post by: RizZen on 18 Jun 17
Take a look into your MCG - Darkest Hours folder please and tell me when you have extracted purchase files in your data\missions\ folder. If so - delete the purchase00-purchase91 files you might find there. The new purchase files are in 00_PuWa.fst file. Game only reads it if there are NO purchase files in missions folder. If so it reads the ones in missions folder instead of the updatet versions.

I made a mistake while calculating and comparing mission data with warrior purchases. My bad three pilots where out of range after final update. Here (;topic=4427.0;attach=2837) the solution. Put this file into your Main-Game folder and override the older one:

C:\GAMES\MCG Darkest Hours\01_PuWa.fst (;topic=4427.0;attach=2837)
Title: Re: MCG - Darkest Hours - Bug Reports
Post by: Splina on 18 Jun 17
i dont see purchase files in my missions folder
but anyway i dont think that can be the problem because in version 2d missions was broken and more pilots doubled.
Now, in v. 0.3 all those problems are fixed except those 2 pilots (for now)
Title: Last Double Warrior bugs finally SOLVED!
Post by: RizZen on 20 Jun 17


I made a calculating mistake between purchase files - three pilots where out of mission rasta:

1. Scarab (Op2Mis17) was available six missions earlier. (corrected!)
2. Thunder (Op3Mis7) was available six missions earlier. (corrected!)
3. Dragon (Op3Mis15) was available six missions earlier. (corrected!)

For this i offer a new 01_PuWa.fst (;topic=4427.0;attach=2837) file containing bugfixes of issues above:
Download solution for game-errors with Purchase-Double-Warrior-Bug (;topic=4427.0;attach=2837)

Im sry for this, was my mistake. cMunsta was right, changing existing campaigns is a nightmare cause for each change in previous missions you need to update all files that follow. So this was the way i introduced a calculation error from my side. I could erase all warrior bugs for operations 1, 4 & 5 on the first try. After splina reported bugs in Operation 2 & 3 again i found my mistake yesterday while double checking my notices. Thx for reporting - now purchase files should be finally complete and without any serious bugs.
If i have finished my deep walkthrugh on Original Campaign merge i will do same with Expansion merge to - to see if there are maybe some last missing bugs too. But all in all this is the version to have fun with now cause it contains less bugs and technical issues then original game, offers bigger game content on all features & will be further developed in future.
Big thank you to splina again, your reports are worth gold to me. I would appreciate seeing more from you maybe supporting me helping other players to not stuck on remastered version in any way. Would be cool!
By the way: I updatet mission-walkthrough overview thread ( for original campaign. For Op1Mis14 i added a notice how to reach invisible extraction marker and for Op1Mis18 i made a fast written solution information for players who stuck on mission and don´t know how to cross bridge without exploding. Thank you for these informations too. For Op1Mis7 i will write walkthrough-help too, later - but i guess you just forgot to capture a salvage container.

To final purchase bugfix: Im uploading new PuWa into full version file at the moment. For future -  only people who downloaded v3.0 before 06/20/2017 need to download and replace buggy PuWa.fst file. Full Version will contain these changes from now on. So when players have double pilots from now on they just need to download latest PuWa.fst from Main Development Thread.

Have fun, RIzZ

8) 8) 8)
Title: Re: MCG - Darkest Hours - Bug Reports
Post by: Splina on 20 Jun 17
my pleasure and im glad that helps your development ;)

OP.1 MIS.7 is ok now...the reason why i thought is a bug is because a crate is hidden in forrest and you must burn some trees to see it :) Thats all here...its just well hidden.

Dont worry...ill test it again, if is 100% fine, Expansion Campaing is next and if both are fine...i can focus on multyplayer and new content ideas 8)

*some "honorable mentions" however:

i have some savegame files wich allow to paly campaings with mixtech, with clan only or with full IS (for original camp.) Edited savegames for mision 1, op1. (campaing start)
Now, if i start them, normally only first mission should be "bugged", with old files, anyway...and all others after that should work in new version, right?
Well...not really because if i play those savegames i cant get new pilots. If i cant get them i suppose more things will be broken.
So question is why?

Then is about multyplayer. Pilots more exactly.
You know that you modified some pilots stats and if one player doesnt have new version all our new pilots will work with older stats. No problem here untill we talk about costs :).
Hitman for example is a basic pilot for A variants and in mostly cases i cant use him now because RP limit and he cost more now. Could be ok if he keeps his new stats but, like i said, if someone doesnt have new version my Hitman will be like before but i still pay more for him.
Everytime will be someone with old version and thats why i think pilots modifications are not really good for multyplayer.
Countess is another example...with new stats is best pilot for A's, but if i play with someone with old version i pay 9200 RP for her and i get a 5000 RP crappy pilot. (or less rp, dont remember exactly what was before).
Same with Outlaw.
And yo uknow, in multyplayer games we put calculated RP for balance reasons, so we dont really have so many RP to waste in 95% of cases.
Thats just a sugestion, i can play with that but will be nice to improve this feature in future.
Title: Re: MCG - Darkest Hours - Bug Reports
Post by: RizZen on 20 Jun 17
This wasn´t intended. I´m thinking about making these skills vanilla again. The reasons they where changed i don´t know. I took those changes over from X-Ray campaign. Maybe in X-Ray campaign it made some sense to change them... - but in general i think you are right. When i can put back the changes without loosing mission functionality i will do that to make MP like vanilla again.
And my bad it isn´t possible to play MP with new pilots. Im working on a solution for that but that update will need more time cause i have to figure out all usable indexes and try to find some unused ones to place new pilots in there. The one solution would be to change pilots IDs, or to make a copy with another ID that matches with MP synchronization. Third option is a new *.iso file with updated corefiles for game but this would be my last try cause it´s biggest workload for me.

So i guess the pilots who have problems and you are pointing on are:

PMW00064.FIT - edited skills for Rebel
PMW00067.FIT - edited skills for Hitman
PMW00068.FIT - edited skills for Countess
PMW00069.FIT - edited skills for Scarab
PMW00070.FIT - edited skills for Outlaw
PMW00072.FIT - edited skills for Burnout
PMW00074.FIT - edited skills for Mantis
Here is an easy solution to make MP original again instant:
Multi-Player Original Warrior Skill Downgrade - Download (;topic=4427.0;attach=2838)
This optional (& reversible) update for warriors above negates the changes. When you place the warrior *.fit-files into your games folder - the path they should be:

C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\data\missions\warriors

Aslong the files of this update remaining in this folder - the original skills will be active again. With them you can easily play Multi-Player like you where used to with original stats. When you want to play Darkest Hours campaign skilled warriors again doing some single-player missions you can put them out of this folder and the edited skills from X-Ray customer campaign will be active again, they are stored in 01_PuWa.fst. Aslong no duplicates or other versions of files are in warriors\ folder game will use what it´s finding in compressed *.fst files.

Have fun playing Multi-Player with original planning and budget again, bud.
Title: Re: MCG - Darkest Hours - Bug Reports
Post by: Splina on 20 Jun 17
thx, i need only Hitman
rests are better updated (because are not used in MP)
Mantis i dont think was modified...or if she was, was a very small change.

i check right now original campaing for pilot bugs and other old bugs and ill be back with an edit. ;)


ok, here we are.
lets start with what is good:
all pilots works fine, and original misions works fine all.
Good job ! ;)

now bad news...
two bugs are still here:

1. Kotare turkina

like i said before, on battlefield is a Turkina and if i save it from combat, in bay become a...MadCat?
here are some prints to understand better:
see description..."star colonel Marcus Kotare comands a Turkina.." on this MadCat J
and here, in last print you see it in his true shape, but if you check stats from left top corner you can see it described like a 75 ton mech (MadCat stat).

2. Colonel Wirth objective

An objective require to kill him, but when you do this nothing happen and objective is still unfinished. That result in a impossibility to finish this mision because its a primary objective.
OP.5 MIS.13
Just like this :
He is dead, objective not.

Cheers and thats all for now.  8)
Title: Re: MCG - Darkest Hours - Bug Reports
Post by: RizZen on 20 Jun 17
Oh I'm excited for old bugs. I want to solve them too when time comes. Time has come!


Your try for mixedtech in single-player campaigns don't work cause you need to change all purchase files to make it work. These are about 100 files.
When you edit only master file it doesn't work cause master file defines only what you can buy in general. No availability numbers work for master file. Instead game looks in each single related mission purchase for logistic purchase. These need all to be updated with new techs and equipment.
1. That's also why you can't buy pilots. You need to define in mission purchase files what is available or not in shop for each single mission of campaign.
2. At least to make it run on first mission you need to update start0.pkk file.
This is much work and originally it wasn't intended by creators that mixed tech can be used in original campaigns. But you can still get clan tech by salvaging from battlefield.


Old Mission Bugs

Op4Mis10: - Turkina / Mad-Cat misplace issue in logistics - SOLVED (
I have this Turkina issue too. I don't know why creators did so. I may have a look into its related *.fit file soon & updating it with some changes. I don´t think it will be a problem to make it "Turkina" in logistics too. There might be a wrong link to Mad-Cat-sprites. If i can extract the and *.abl files for this mission i will be able to make a bugfix. This should be possible to do when im working on next update. - SOLVED -
Op4Mis10 Hotfix (

Op5Mis13: - Wirth killing objective failure - SOLVED - (
Play the mission with Wirth with regular mech crew and try again. I never tried it with only one commando lol - maybe it causes error with mission objective.
// Edit: Yeah i know there is a problem but i also know mission can be finished if you kill all enemy units on map. For this mission i can do same like above with Turkina - extracting mission *.abl files. Here i have two possible solutions:
1. Change mission objective from "Kill Colonel Wirth" to "Kill Colonel Wirth´s StarLeague Lance" - when there is another unit involved in this objective what i think is the case here.
2. Change objective itself, means deleting the entry for other units just leaving kill objective for Wirth and his mech.
But here is a "third" possibility - doing nothing - cause maybe - i don´t know it´s just a theory - you REALLY NEED to KILL the WARRIOR inside mech - not only mech. Means when he can EJECT and escape alive this maybe is reason for objective not being shown as "success"... - so here i would like to hear some more opinions ... - and make a final judgement after analyzing this Mission.fst in detail.

You where right Splina, I'm sry. Hotfix for corrupted objective you can find here:
Op5Mis13 Hotfix (
Title: Re: MCG - Darkest Hours - Bug Reports
Post by: Splina on 20 Jun 17
not i edited mixtechs for campaings...i downloaded them from :)
anyway thats not a problem...i was just curious why

*ok, Kotare is bugged in original campaing too...

about Wirth
i played campaings before and had same bug. Its not from your version :)
Doesnt matter what you use..
In those prints i killed him with artys, before with mechs and did it with cheats too...same result.

Oh, and if you want more bugs, or old problems what i hope can be fixed...look here : (

an old post, but my last reply describe them better.
Title: Bug-ToDo-List, Clan-Tech solutions for SP, Mixed-Tech Information
Post by: RizZen on 21 Jun 17
Yeah but having a Mad-Cat chassis with Turkina Sprites isn´t ok. I will have a deeper look into missions soon and pick up some bugs to solve. This is one.

I make a To-Do-List, please tell me if something is missing i can add it then:

- Kotare´s Turkina Bug (Op4Mis10) Changed wrong entry that let Turkina appear as Mad-Cat ( in logistics -Done- (
- Star League Colonel Wirth - (Op5Mis13) Killing mission objective -Done- (
- missing extraction marker in mission Op1Mis14 (marker works but is invisible on map {not mini map} for players)
- updating and bugfixes for ALL mission briefings (correct op and mission numbers f.e.)
- ...

I will work on that list as soon i can find time and motivation for. The changes which i will make for updating missions will be 99% included in file updates for only ONE *.fst file i created seperate in order only to include mission updates for old bugs. The file´s name is 00_MUpdate.fst in main folder.
So updating game with bugfixes for missions won´t effort new update packs nor new content in full version. I will do it like above with 01_PuWa.fst for warrior and purchase files. Just offering always the latest version of it as optional download.
The only Mission Update i have done so far, means only mission i have changed is one of the last Turncoat missions in expansion campaign where i had to replace four upcoming warriors with empty slots and additional drop weight to compensate not having them as allies in mission. Reason was that the way creators introduced warriors in mission doesnt work and cause errors. It only worked on their campaign cause it was last mission - so without another mission following it worked cause game ends before errors occure. The additional drop weight in this mission is equal to the total weight of the allies you would have got in original version of this mission.
Another SMALL change i have made is a replacement for mission op4mis01 - you get magic here instead of Firestorm. You get firestorm later in Mission Op5Mis13.

Clan-Tech issues
Next thing i would like to have is a EXACT list of missing salvage / empty salvage containers. My solution for missing mixed tech would be to enhance empty places with clan weapons to loot.

Mixed-Tech information:
You don´t need to download Mixed-Tech from other sites. The mixed-tech patch on MechCommanderOnline only includes 39 purchase items for shop, DH-Version contains all (49 total) - and the MT-Patch from this site doesn´t contain many playable vehicles. DH-Version has all vehicles included too.
Prices in shop and stats for mechs/items/vehicles where not changed by me, so from playing situation nothing should have changed. The differences with warrior skills and ranks i already explained, where not done by me and are reversible like i show in *.fit file solution above.
Additional info: You still not understand how purchases work. The both files called mixed-tech patch are nothing else than basic clan & is masterfiles. In multi-player and solo-missions all items in shop are set to unlimited by default. That is reason because you can use full mixed tech here.
In single-player campaigns you can set to unlimited by default too - but game ignores it and uses data it gets from individual purchase file for each mission. That is the reason your mixed-tech not works here cause ALL purchase files need to be updatet for making it work.

A possible solution to integrate Mixed-Tech to SP i have in mind would be to make changes in these files:

For Original Single-Player-Campaign
C:\GAMES\MCG Darkest Hours\data\missions\
C:\GAMES\MCG Darkest Hours\data\missions\
For Expansion Single-Player-Campaign
C:\GAMES\MCG Darkest Hours\data\missions\

I don´t know if this works cause i have never tried. But when i would like to introduce Mixed-Tech i maybe would try editing these files. They define WHAT purchase file is used by certain mission. Means these are two lists containing all campaign missions & references/links to their individual purchase files.
In order to make changes on them yourself you need them extracted. The latest extracted-purchase file you can download here (
Editing them and getting game to use it works same way like you have done with files. Aslong you have an extracted version of file in folder-path above - game will use this one instead of the copy in its main folders 01_PuWa.fst file. This is reversible too. To have original Darkest Hours purchases again just remove the extracted files out of you game´s mission directory.
What needs to be changed? In best case you can change all links referring to single purchase files to only one purchase file containing master file´s purchase entries with unlimited availability. Worst case: If this doesn´t work - referring all missions to ONE purchase file - you need to copy the master-purchase 91 times and replace single-purchase files with updatet ones. - but then you can just update the existent without changing the two files above. I´am not sure if game accepts using one purchase file several times for several missions - or not - that´s something that needs to be figured out by trial and error.
And to be sure not having danger of double pilots and wasted skill points (cause double pilots needs to be sold for workaround warriorbug) i would not make the 14 warriors available for purchase. Means their status entry in each purchase file needs to be set to "Unseen". (not sure if this may cause problems after you received pilots in missions - cause the way i did making them work was to make them unseen until you get them in mission and all following purchases the received warriors i put status to "Available" in purchase - this was the way developers did too when introducing pilots out of missions. Before player could get them they where "unseen" - after the missions where you get them "available". And this is the purchase update i have done as bugfix for solving double warrior bug. I just synchronized purchase files warrior-status of availablity with XXL-Campaign-Merge to make purchases work for whole campaign without bugs.
Title: Re: MCG - Darkest Hours - Bug Reports
Post by: Splina on 21 Jun 17
- Kotare´s Turkina - Bug (Op4.Mis10)
- Start League Colonel Wirth - Killing mission objective (you can simply make this an Secondary objective and mission become playable)
- missing extraction marker in mission Op1Mis14 (marker works but is invisible on map {not mini map} for players)
- updating and bugfixes for ALL mission briefings (correct op and mission numbers f.e.)
- ...
- Right Arm bug (for player mechs all weapons are assigned on Righ Arm, not balanced distribution)
- Targeting specific location on enemy mechs (if this can work on any distance and in moving...will be a great improvement)

next, i must check expansion campaing and see if i can find something.
Title: Re: MCG - Darkest Hours - Bug Reports
Post by: dashi112 on 21 Jun 17
I THINK there is an empty container on op1 mission 7, as the sound doesnt trigger on a crate east of drop zone 3 ( on the dirt near the water)

also op1 mission 13, is it possible to get the heavy turret controls at the depot? I cant jump or walk close enough to get it. Are they linked to anything? ( i assume the pain in the backside artillery turret at the northern depot that wrecked my squad)

Both in original campaign btw, I do like the mod as it revived my interest in MCG (currently about to start op 1 mission 14). Any plans to change other of the base missions like you did with 1-1?
Title: Re: MCG - Darkest Hours - Bug Reports
Post by: RizZen on 21 Jun 17
Future improvements ( - have a look into this thread to see what follows. I have many ideas. But not much time so it will last longer as if a team of 20 programmers would do... but i´m not stopping to work on MechCommander. It became my child :D
Mission 1 of Operation 1 was a rebuilt of Mission 1 based on raw map data. The Mad-Cat was my idea to show what is possible. The bridge to the other side is one of the longest bridges of all existing MechCommander Maps. And it works - i mean you can pass it - that´s one of the hardest things to manage while working on map files. Cause many times bridges are corrupted and cause game crashes especially when you select more than one unit to pass - when they mess up their waypoints cause of stupid A.I. - game crashes. This didn´t happened to that one in Mission 1. For me it was an important experience for modding. Also the salvaging containers and adding salvage manually after trying with extender before & checking results in files. I never intended to change ANY of the original neither the usermade campaign missions.
I have my own ideas for missions and they will play on their own terrains ^^. This will be a future improvement - cause all campaigns i have created will stay SAME now and in future. I will just ADD missions after the regular campaign ends - making them larger. Task still is 100 missions total for EACH (Original&Expansion merge) single-player campaign. This means that from today´s point of view there will be +69 missions in the end. Only then i call my campaigns FINISHED. But this will last some time and i want to have more players who played "through" - BEFORE releasing MY missions. For existing campaigns I only plan to solving OLD bugs and maybe fill empty containers.
Turret controls of Op1Mis13 - it is the same with other usermade customer campaign missions: When i want to correct bugs on it i need to extract it first. Only extracted missions i have are original ones cause i wrote them.- DONE ALL MISSIONS ARE EXTRACTED - Still it will take some time. Problem is that i usually linked with using Editor. But when using Editor you can only do it on raw map - which needs a recreation of this mission like i have done with Original Missions. This will take time and is put to lower priority as it´s not "game corrupting" - but more "disturbing" bug :P. But when time comes i load this mission files on my Windows 98 machine and do the needed changes in order to repackage mission into a new existing *.fst - and then updating game with it. Thx for report anyways.
I would like to go on continuing working on ToDo-List in order to have a good result with just one update instead of making several small updates. Smaller HotFixes will be released after each single Mission-Update when it´s a serious bug like Wirth Killing objective or Turkina/Mad-Cat bug we have already found and solved! So thank you for the reports and go on giving me more input what to change where in which mission. I will keep this in mind and included it in list.

- Right Arm bug (for player mechs all weapons are assigned on Righ Arm)
- Targeting specific location on enemy mechs (if this can work on any distance and in moving...will be a great improvement)

Aslong confused_shelf is doing his weapon & vehicle mods i want to wait putting a hand on it. Changing mech chassis / hardpoints will be not that easy. This is hardcoded stuff same like new warrior´s multiplayer malfunction. If i would change the hardpoints splitting weapons on other body parts multi-player compability will be lost until Original-CD-ISO update. This efforts more knowledge then i have at the moment. Im no *.exe file specialist neither C++ programmer. But both of these are needed to make these changes work then - apart from the fact that it will be massive workload just to make the changes itself - and when it´s finished there is still a long journey to introduce them.
Same with targetting - if i would make changes on game-balance (changing or balancing some values) it will definetely not work for Multi-Player - even if it would be possible to introduce it into single-player campaigns - a ISO-Update of ROOT files will also be necessary to be able to use it. Correct me if im wrong - maybe another modder finds another solution or workaround - but i only know those - and it´s too much time investment to do now. Other things like little older bugs i can work on faster so priority for first is there. I will keep this in my mind also - when an *.exe specialist shows up here willing to help me doing some hardcoded stuff for game ROOT files and it´s *.exe files would be really nice.
Title: Re: MCG - Darkest Hours - Bug Reports
Post by: Splina on 21 Jun 17
yes, those 2 changes are not with a high priority because dont affect game so much and anyway game works 100% with them.
More modders tried this in past...but failed, so yes, its hard :) but not impossible.

anyway...what i cant understand is why is like this and why is so hard to change. (R. Arm bug)
Because normal values are already in BOT mechs and even in some player mechs (reward mechs from missions...when you get those mechs they work 100% like BOT mechs..with weapons assigned symmetrically, and then are changed. Best example Masakari J reward, here this stuff can be seen better).
Cant those files, values or codes...whatever they are...simply copied from BOT mechs to Player mechs?
I dont think it must be reworked 100% because normal things, how it should be, are already in game...on BOT mechs.

MP is another story and not so important for this...because if all players will use same version all compatibility problems become inexistent. So that depends mostly, if not only, by players to update their game.

What i think is important is to make those changes for SP first.

Anyway, like i said, its not a high priority bug. Are just ideas for future ;)
Just like weapon i saw in another topic on this mechs...etc.
Title: Re: MCG - Darkest Hours - Bug Reports
Post by: dashi112 on 21 Jun 17
dont worry about it too much, i will just pop here what i see when I get to it and hope it helps you at some point in the future :)
Title: Solving Old Bugs
Post by: RizZen on 21 Jun 17
Announcement: All bugs from / caused by introducing
process of new version 3.0 got solved!

Focus now relays on OLDER-Bugs...
... from Vanilla version & later followed Custom-standalone versions -
which are now part of Darkest Hours with v3.0 - Full Version!

dont worry about it too much, i will just pop here what i see when I get to it and hope it helps you at some point in the future :)
Thank you very much!

But i understand why. In the past six months i learned all about this game. The reason is that every change you do (especially when editing game-balance-effecting things) efforts many changes on Gamefiles. The files don´t exist only once into games files. There are several copies - and game synchronizes these files and needs duplicates that are 100% copies of the files you may change to affect these changes.
To implement it succesfully you need not only to change extracted and *.fst files but also core files and *.exe- hardcoded stuff. There are possible work-arounds and solutions in my mind but they effort many time on the one hand and more expertises - or a specialist being able to make these changes... - and i also say it´s not impossible. But it needs most work-load and time...

Focussing on Older Bugs
When splina, dashi or other people don´t find more bugs caused by my work i close this chapter and focus on solving Older bugs now. Means original bugs in original missions and bugs in other user campaigns - whose files i 99% didn´t touched yet. Just introduced them like they has been in it´s smaller single-player campaigns.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: Splina on 28 Jun 17
OP.2 MIS.17

Secondary objective "Destroy all enemys" not working.
Title: MCG - DHo Op02Mis17 - Hidden forces
Post by: RizZen on 28 Jun 17
Hidden Lance
Op2-Mis17 secondary objective complete... (
I bet you have forgotten the hidden units in this wood above city where you have to find some commandos (west-side of map) at the beginning of mission. There are one Stiletto, a Firestarter and two hunchback hidden in the wood.
Sry but no bug this time.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: Splina on 28 Jun 17
true that...its so well hidden :)

are not showed up even if i reveal whole map with a cheat (doesnt appear as a red points on map) because doesnt have pilots untill you go close with units. Pretty smart lance :)
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: dashi112 on 1 Jul 17
some resources are appearing as "0 srm" when I capture them on op 3 mission 10, theres 3 ( i think, maybe 4) inside the repair base and 1 on the western side of the map.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: RizZen on 1 Jul 17
Good one - old bug from usermade campaigns. That's one point I will focus on when doing salvage bugfixing and enhancement procedures! Therefore I will make a separate list only for salvages and containers (maybe linked turrets and wrong flagged buildings too cause it's same phase of editing then, I prefer to do all together when focussing on a mission not being forced to Re Re and reupdate later.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: dashi112 on 2 Jul 17
op 3 mission 14

I destroy the HQ, no objective trigger. I then destroy the MOG's and both objectives trigger successfully.

Also, want me to write up a few mission strategies?
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: RizZen on 2 Jul 17
I appreciate any ideas / support ^^, thank you.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: dashi112 on 4 Jul 17
op 4 mission 10, the crates around kotares hq are fine, the rest do not trigger
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: dashi112 on 7 Jul 17
op 5 mission 13. the wirth mission. 42 units killed, 38 mechs. I checked the islands, west of the map, the island to the north and even the starting area. Wirth is dead and twice i run out of time... am I missing an enemy / failing to trigger something?
Title: Bugfix Op5Mis13 - MisObj6 - Kill Wirth! = Kill all!
Post by: RizZen on 7 Jul 17
Operation 5, Mission 13
Wirth´s killing objective solution!

There is smt. wrong - also with original data. Somehow i didn´t recognized yet myself. Even KILLING not help. I will extract these old mission files next to see what was done wrong there. Seems to be an old problem. Creators (15 years ago) messed up objective parser somehow. Pain over me i didn´t saw it earlier. Mission Update will follow. Sorry Splina ^^

if (numDead(ClanStar(4)) is <=1)
I changed to
if (isDead(ClanForce))
on mission objective 5 (which is 6, starts counting at 0). This doesn't change objective on GUI but physically it's an "Destroy all Enemies" now... result will be same: Wirth needs to be killed for accomplishing this objective. Don't ask me what was wrong with line above I'm still trying to understand and figuring out if I find better solution it will take place in next MUpdate or u will replace mission files itself. Not sure bout that right now.

>>>Hotfix available<<< (;topic=4431.0;attach=2854)


I extracted the Xenocide mission and changed objective six physically to "Kill all enemies" - but didn´t changed the objective description. Put the file from the download below into your "C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\Data\Missions\..." directory.

The file name is: "48640be0_bcac_11d4_81aa_043804c10000.ABL (;topic=4431.0;attach=2854)" and needs to be put into "Missions" folder. I will release a new 01_MUpdate.fst with that file integrated - theoretically it can be deleted from missions folder then again cause MUpdate will have it inside.
Path: C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\Data\Missions\48640be0_bcac_11d4_81aa_043804c10000.ABL (;topic=4431.0;attach=2854)
So you still need to kill Wirth - but also all of the other enemies to get objective six completed but it will definitely work with that file i´ve tested it multiple times now.

This file works for Darkest Hours v3.0 ( & Xenocide/BengalLancers ( campaign standalone from moddb!
Have fun and thank you again for report!

Edit: Updatet mission description Op5Mis13 ( 07/07/2017
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: dashi112 on 8 Jul 17
can confirm it works :) cheers!
Title: Bugfix Op4Mis10 - Turkina // Mad-Cat Bug
Post by: RizZen on 8 Jul 17
Operation 4, Mission 10
Turkina/(Mad-Cat) bug solution!

Splina you are right. Thank you very much for this one. I think i never salvaged that one or it´s caused by fact that im not really using Turkina Mech Class for fighting but physically it was a Mad-Cat model. The creators of that X-Ray Mission related the Turkina objective with false PM fit file. After Op5Mis13 i want to apologize by focussing on your reports. So here was the line:

st ObjectProfile        = "PM207350"        // Turkina J (but number of Mad-Cat Fit file)
I changed to
st ObjectProfile        = "PM211350"        // Turkina J (correct *.fit-file for object)

On Part 10 of Mission Parts within Master-Fit-File i found a wrong object entry for this unit. That must be the reason why you had a Mad-Cat chassis within Logistics, while it used Turkina shape files as graphic model for inmission. With this file Hotfix (;topic=4431.0;attach=2855) Turkina should be Turkina only now. This works only for new salvaged Turkina units - if you have salvaged the buggy one it will be saved in savegame files. Replay mission, salvage it and gimme report if it works i just changed entry for now - no time testing. Will do tomorrow.

>>> "Turkina" Hotfix available <<< (;topic=4431.0;attach=2855)


I extracted this X-Ray Mission and changed wrong entry in "
8d7e8224_5cd7_11d5_834c_fc8243b4fa20.FIT (;topic=4431.0;attach=2855)" file. The file is compressed in it´s Mission.fst file - it´s destination path is "C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\Data\Missions\..." directory.
Path: C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\Data\Missions\8d7e8224_5cd7_11d5_834c_fc8243b4fa20.FIT (;topic=4431.0;attach=2855)
Download the file and put it into your Darkest Hours "Missions\" folder. The change will work with next game start. I need feedback cause no time to test myself at the moment.

The file should work for MCG Darkest Hours v3.0 ( & X-Ray/DSCRaid ( campaign standalone from ModDb!
Thank you for report again, Splina! Good work!

Edit: Updatet Mission description Op4Mis10 ( for guide! 07/08/2017
Title: Old mission bugsolving list!
Post by: RizZen on 8 Jul 17
Current "Old" Bugs & Salvage updates
To-Do List

Actually im working on these bugfixes/updates for existing campaign missions:
- Operation 1, Mission 13 -> Turret Controls
- Operation 1, Mission 14 -> Missing extraction marker (optical, phsysically it exists mission can be finished)
- Operation 5, Mission 7 -> Sensor Tower
Crates / Salvage Updates:
- Operation 1, Mission 20 - star league base
- Operation 4, Mission 10 - crates
- Operation 5, Mission 9 - crates
Green = Finished, Hotfix available!
Red = Mission not updatet yet. Be patient.
When you find bugs/problems with old usermade campaign missions you can report them here. I´m also willing to update salvage for all missions by using empty/corrupted/forgotten crates on campaign maps for introducing more clan salvage/equipment. Task is to fill ALL forgotten crates in the end.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: Splina on 9 Jul 17
my pleasure and...CONFIRMED !
Kotare bug solved !

it works, its a turkina now everywhere.

Thx and GoodJob ! ;)
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: Splina on 17 Jul 17
sorry man...bad news..
i found another bug...2 in fact, in same mission.

OP.4 MIS.16

1. If i play with less than maximum Ton limit i get Kim star Masakari J as enemy near last objective, Orbital gun.
But if i play with maximum tonnage allowed i get Osis star Masakari A instead...
Not everytime ! Seems like game decide this..but anyway, in mostly cases i got this change.
If i play with more than maximum tonnage with a cheat...then Osis Masa is here 100%. If tonnage is lower, then Kim Masa is here 100%...only on maximum normal tonnage is so-so

2.  Thats the bad part...
Here i get 2 new pilots...Outlaw and Blaze. Outlaw in a ShadowCat J and Blaze in MadCat W.
Now problem is that Outlaw REPLACE another pilot when i finish mission.
His ShadowCat is not saved and he simply take place of another pilot...and that pilot is lost.

Tried it in a lot of variants...even with 1 single mech/pilot in bay and in mission. When its done, Outlaw simply replace that pilot.
Or when more pilots are available...1 of them is replaced, generally last one , bottom of the list.

Dont know if this is an old bug...but only now i noticed it...when i try to skill as much pilots as i can...

on point 1...
looks like this Star is more random than i thinked first time...
i played it with 1 Atlas...and got Osis
I played it with 1 Turkina and got Kim
Then i played with Atlas again and got Kim...
I played with 5 ton less than maximum and got both...not in same round, of course..
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: RizZen on 17 Jul 17
Funny, I played this mission yesterday and got mad cat and shadow cat in mechbay after this mission. That star enemy is random. It's part of creators abl scripting, no bug think they did it to make it more dynamic. That pilot problem I didn't recognized. I will have a look on it when time comes.
This is no easy mission. The battles north side can be won easy. South side of river starting with only one tank is hard. But possible when you use the enemies airstrikes to enter base and capture mech bay to activate new units.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: Splina on 17 Jul 17
i checked original XRay mission too...same problem

if that random star is not a bug, fine then
but pilot replacement cant be something normal

same problem in both games...XRay and MCG DH...his ShadowCat is missing in bay after mission and he take someone's else place..

*and...enemy mechs from northen side are random too? Because i just noticed they are different almost everytime :)
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: dashi112 on 3 Aug 17
Expansion campain op 2 mission 14 or 13. I finished 13 twice successfully, yet it crashes on clicking mechbay tab in 14. I restart the game...yet i cant find / load a "cermak after op2 mission 13" in the load mission screen.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: RizZen on 3 Aug 17
May u gimme a screenshot of error or copy of error text message please?

@Splina: I think i know why a certain pilot gets removed/replaced - in this mission. I think i can find a solution to solve it in december update. The problem here is that i have to change multiple entries and find the right solution for several ways to do it. There are some other missions having similar issues but they don´t rip pilots out - when i solve this one i will do it for several missions. For now it´s maybe possible to start mission with one unit less / leaving the last slot empty and hoping new pilots will replace this slot in-mission - then no other pilot will be overridden. I´am 95% sure it has to do with a wrong Slot-Entry for this mission. Problem is that you gain three units in this mission additional. Two of them with new pilots. This efforts many entries that needs to be checked/edited/tested before result can be released.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: dashi112 on 4 Aug 17
will do once i feel up to playing the mission again
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: dashi112 on 7 Aug 17
and pm sent with information requested
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: ilikeredheads on 11 Aug 17
I really like this mod but I encounter a problem.  Op1 mission 7 is impossible to finish. There are 6 crates on the main land but one of them is empty. I captured these 6 but there are only 5 items on the salvage tab.

If the crates on the islands are part of the primary objectives than this mission is critically flawed, because it's an auto lose if you don't bring any jump jet capable mech.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: dashi112 on 11 Aug 17
So a crate is broken, the one on the beach i assume. Yet i like the idea of one of the island crates being a critical one, maybe amend the mission info to say a jump mech is required?
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: RizZen on 11 Aug 17
To be exactly there are TWO crates you can only reach with JumpJets. One is near south-middle beach where lance two is starting, the second is north-west side of the beach on another island in the north west corner.
When you got those all objectives are succesful.

Dashi it is a good idea. I pronounced a 100% story/briefing update - this is on my list now. I will add an additional information for the tactical interface recommending the usage of jump jets when it´s not part of briefing.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: ilikeredheads on 12 Aug 17
yeah I think a note in the briefing will be great.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: 기현 남 on 14 Aug 17
Hi, I'm from Korea and Big Fan of Mechcommander.

And I'm very glad cause your mod Darkest hour. thanks for your appreciate ^^

During the play, I faced some trouble, operation 5-12.

I already finished destroying all of Orbital guns and all of mechs, but still incomplete 6 part(Eliminate colnal wirth)

I killed wirth's turkina and minons, but still incomplete.

I dont know How to insert picture so I just explain only text, but I believe you can understand my story and truoble. If you need screenshots, Let me know your e-mail.

help plz.

In Korea, your Fan, KiHyun.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: RizZen on 14 Aug 17

I'm happy my game reached Korea, greetings.
For this mission exists a bugfix ( You can download it by entering the walk-through thread ( for original campaign in my MCG guide or one page back ( in this thread. I've done two bigger bugfixes for original campaign since now which are not included in the current download of full version. The bugfix will change mission objective for Wirth into a kill all enemies objective... mission will then end when map is cleared.

Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: 기현 남 on 14 Aug 17
thx a lot!

problem solved!
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: RizZen on 14 Aug 17
You´re welcome :)
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: UnknDoomer on 24 Aug 17
Hi. Just downloader 3.0 version of your mode today. Looks like good one. Have a problem with MCX1920x1080.exe. Image running in the left corner, like windowed in left corner of the screen in ~ 1/4 of it. Same with all other resolutions, expect MCX1024x768.exe. Any ideas how to fix it? Tried in "Compatibility" place a check it "Disable fullscreen optimizations" - doesn't help...

Screen -

Using Windows 10 x64. Also if I uncheck "Compatibility" after check it looks smaller then before...
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: RizZen on 25 Aug 17 (

Only ingame resolution is full screen, menu design was done for 640x480 only. There are no possibilities to make menu resolution optional.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: UnknDoomer on 25 Aug 17

So no ways to fix this? In custom resolutions only MCX640x480.exe runs on fullscreen + MCXOriginal.exe runs on it (1024x768 I suppose), but here I have another problem - mouse lag. When I'm trying to move it on map, at black areas. Problematic to play with... MCX1920x1080.exe with zoom (+) looks fine, but menu is too small...
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: RizZen on 25 Aug 17
Resolutions work different on different systems. I have 1900x1050 running on AMD & Intel processors with win64 bit running nearly without any issues (cut sides are there).

No, menu is 640x480 - if you start game internal resolutions developers fixed problem by using the chosen resolution only ingame - there are only existing pictures in 640x480 resolution  - that´s why it is placed top left when you choose edited exe files. There obviously exists no way right now to solve this im sry. It depends on game is old... only way to enlarge menu resolution is by creating bigger background images for whole menus. When you create bigger pictures they will be cut off in lower resolutions - or in worst case game crashes with display error. So there is - even IF - no easy way to do this. Same counts for new mechs.

Now i celebrate my birthday. Lets see what i can do until v4.0 update in december.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: UnknDoomer on 25 Aug 17
Okey, that it's probably good idea for me to freeze progress before version 4.0... May be you will find a way for 1980x1080.

Another question. Any ideas why in 640x480 / 1024 x 768 lags for mouse cursor on maps proceeds? By this reason I can't use them mostly.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: RizZen on 26 Aug 17
The hud display with its radar screen has same problem. It can handle only 4 resolutions. The resolutions for radar and heads up display are from 640x480 to ~1280x1000, the green box which shows the actual map window can't be stretched over it's limits without showing little error in heads up. But it works without crashing.
Well I don't think that I can fix all resolution errors with v4.0 updates. The problem is that the system who runs MechCommander needs certain settings for making MCG work with no/low issues.
For example mouse cursor problems. When you play windowed mode it happens - full screen works fine. When mouse lags in spite of full screen and you got frame rate problems you need to modify mouse or graphic settings for example.
When you are using mouse speed optimization by system it can cause issues with MCG in-game functions. So turn of any mouse enhancing settings using system default options with low graphic settings. A background desktop picture may also cause problems with MCG internal color palettes. Using blank desktop background can provide problems with palette issues in-game. Also game should be played with 16, better 8bit color palette, best is 256 colors. Graphic settings should also be efficiency based default, frame rate can be optimized by turning of vertical synchronisation in graphic settings.
Next thing that cause problems with MCG are open browser windows, especially flash using websites cause problems with MCG. So close all browser apps before using MCG.
Another problem are media player software, apps - listening mp3 music while playing MCG cause problems with media players like winamp or vlc media player. So turn off any interrupting programs before playing MCG.

When you do all of this I bet you can enjoy MCG right now without waiting for next update. v4.0 will be 80% a story update. All briefings will change. Physically all missions and campaigns are done and already playable there won't be changes of mission order or in-game actions anymore. In spite of bug solving - of course update will include many small mission updates to solve older bugs.
There is also the plan to add new missions to enlarge existing campaigns making them going on after regular campaign end. But all what will be added will happen in-game after the existing story we have right now.
Resolution problems, technical issues with lag or other things like that have to be solved 80% by players by optimizing their system settings for MechCommander. That what makes MCG a retro game. On some systems only downgrade graphic driver (using standard driver) helped solving graphic issues.
That is also reason why many people said that it would be easier to remake whole game in another engine like unity or unreal... - but that wouldn't be MCG anymore. At first I only showed people how to get game working on all platforms, later decided to evolve it by creating a version that contains  all stuff for game that was developed. The base of my work is STILL the old basic MechCommander, that won't change with any updates. You have always to keep in mind that MCG is old. And such old software needs some small changes on players systems from time to time. I just try to help to make it run on your systems. I'm no professional developer neither I can make much changes in source code that affect solutions for all people cause the language in which it was written has its limits. So primary the way to make game work is reading the first post of this thread and gimme all information about your systems. Not only pointing out the issues/errors. Before being able to help I need YOUR PERSONAL SYSTEM SETTINGS.

By the way: I just play 1.024x768 - 1.400x900 resolutions cause they have the best performance and cause low error counts. Some missions for example won't ever be possible to be played in 1980x1050 resolution cause display just crash. Using lower resolutions can solve this they may cause no errors - also cell passing errors on way points may solve crashes like above. THAT WONT CHANGE by updated on my side. Maybe another modder finds ways to optimize things but I'm 95% focused on in-game modding and evolving by using game content I collected past two decades.

Regards RizZ
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: tobik_pt on 26 Aug 17
Hi, first of all thanks a lot for this great "rebirth" of mechcommander!

I faced the same problems like user dashi112 as my game always crashes after Op2Mis13 of the expansion campaign.
After finishing the mission the game crashes when I click any menu or try to save the game myself.
There is no chance to advance to the next mission, which I would be very excited to play after trying it like 4 times.

I play on a Windows 7 x64 system on FullHD resolution and use the actual 3.0 version of the game.
When I come back to the mission planning screen for the next mission I notice, that all of my mechs are undamaged in the picture but the life bar is at minimum, which is very strange. Then, when clicking anything, the game crashes with the error in the attached text file.

Thank you very much for any clues!

Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: UnknDoomer on 27 Aug 17
Resolutions from MCX1280x768 to MCX1920x1080 runs fine for me, but menu/mechbay/etc., expect battlefield, is moved to left, as I showed before.

MCX1024x768, MCX640x480, MCXOriginal runs in fullscreen, I'm not using windowed mode, but there I have mouse lags when trying to move in on blacks areas of the map by some reasons... that a problem. Putting resolution of the screen to same, 640x480, doesn't help here => can't play by normal way. I've played MCG many times before, but on older systems, never saw such mouse problems...

Browsers is turned off, also as Winamp/VLC, Windows 98/Me support is on, also as 8 bit (256 colors) mode. I'm using Windows 10 x64 and no any specific programs, mouse accelerators and etc.

One time I planned several edits/new campaign for one old game, strategy, Battle Isle 3 (1995). Still with some conf. in dosbox for a way to run it normally in 1980x1080 with black on the sides first, that without. It's supports only 320x240, 640x480 and +/- 800x600 by default. Still way was found.

Looks like MCG is much more specific in such stuff than most of older dosgames. That's strange...
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: UnknDoomer on 27 Aug 17
640x480 looks fine for me in 16:9 monitor, but I need to deal with mouse lag on battlefield, mostly when trying to move cursor on black areas... By some reasons other resolutions, that have menu, mechbay and etc. in left corner doesn't have this problem...

Also tried mouse accelerator stuff - doesn't matter in any conf. of it. I'm using Cougar 530M mouse. So. It's resolution problem, I suppose.

Example. If I run MCX1440x900 and press (+) => I've same lag, as I have in 640x480. If just using 1440x900 without (+) => no lags. 1920x1080 with (+) works without lags also.

Also tried to run game on notebook for another test, same Windows 10 x64, but got this: "Error with application run 0xc0000022".
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: UnknDoomer on 27 Aug 17
Found solution for 1920x1080.

1. Open MCG_Darkest_Hours_FULL_VERSION_v3.0\000_MCG_Darkest_Hours_FULL_VERSION_3.0\MCG Darkest Hours\PREFS.CFG.
2. Put "l Resolution=1" before FITend. Save.
3. No lags, battlefield looks better, no such smaller pixels (like in default MCX1920x1080), mostly fullscreen in menu, 3/4.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: UnknDoomer on 27 Aug 17
That is also reason why many people said that it would be easier to remake whole game in another engine like unity or unreal... - but that wouldn't be MCG anymore. At first I only showed people how to get game working on all platforms, later decided to evolve it by creating a version that contains  all stuff for game that was developed. The base of my work is STILL the old basic MechCommander, that won't change with any updates.

Right. Small community of Battle Isle, for example, made project, called ASC. Old graphics used in core, but, still, original in many things is better, than it. BlueByte was bougt by Ubisoft and they forgot about title, also before it was moved in 3D (Battle Isle 4), many things changed and lost by this way. It was different game. Not like MechCommander 2 with compare to first one, worse, but still.

Then one of old developers moved to kickstarted and made this ( Same ideas, that was in original, but still it's worse than original at many points, starting from textures to music.

So. I think it's a good point to continue improvements in original / creating new campaing for it / make localizations for other languages and don't listen ideas for new engines. Because, probably, there no good examples of this way. Expect only one (way) with just few example at this day - remasters. Like Starcraft Remastered released few days ago. In South Korea there still much more people playing it, that Starcraft 2. Not so big difference, much things was improved, but we have what we have.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: tobik_pt on 28 Aug 17
Can you please help me with the bug of Op2Mis13,
Hilfe sehr erwünscht :D

Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: RizZen on 28 Aug 17
I already pointed out that all purchase files of Expansion-Campaign will be updatet and this purchase issue will be fixed - of course wasn´t intended and must be a small mistake i made myself while introducing last purchase update. At the moment im out of time, but as soon i can focus on it i will solve the problem im Operation 2, Mission 13. I made probably some mistakes with new purchase files.

In deutsch: Ich hab die Expansion als oberste Priorität aufm Zettel. Eigentlich läuft das Teil komplett bis zum letzten Level. Anscheinend hat mein compiler aber beim letzten Update wieder die alten purchases genommen und wies denn so is kann ich die neuen auch nicht mehr finden und muss sie daher neu schreiben. Da eh ein komplettes Purchaseupdate für die Expansion VOR dem regulären Updaterelease kommt, bring ich beides, Update & Fix in einem raus. Sry für die Wartezeit, bin halt nur ne Ein-Mann-Show hier.

MfG RizZ
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: tobik_pt on 29 Aug 17
No pressure, you've done great thinks for the community, it's good to know you are still supporting the mod, whenever the fix may come.

Thanks a lot!
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: RizZen on 30 Aug 17
It will be before December. Maybe I can do a hotfix together with some other things I've already done in September.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: ilikeredheads on 30 Aug 17
I have been encountering an very annoying bug that crashes the game whenever the mouse cursor touches the corner of the screen.  It doesn't happen 100% of the time but lately it has been happening more frequently.  I tried playing at resolutions lower than 1080p but to no avail.

This is the crash error popup

EXCEPTION (Access violation at 0x006B9B20)
Address  : 0x006B9B20
Location : ScenarioMap::cellPassable() +0x50
File     : G:\mcx\ai\Move.cpp(936)

Processor/Stack    EAX=0x00232EA2 EBX=0x04BE3F88 ECX=0x001CA062 EDX=0x03CF8210    Flags=0x00210212
===============    ESI=0x00004000 EDI=0x00000007 EBP=0x0018ECE4 ESP=0x0018ECD0    EIP=0x006B9B20
0x006D26FF InterfaceObject::UpdateMouseState() +0x184F L:\mcx\iface\Iface.cpp(5459)
0x006CE8BC InterfaceObject::handleEvent() +0x23FC L:\mcx\iface\Iface.cpp(3116)
0x006CA2E0 aMechBar::handleEvent() +0x50  L:\mcx\iface\Iface.cpp(894)
0x006116DC handleEvent() +0x72C           G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(3647)
0x00612A52 CheckMouse() +0x272            G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(4424)
0x00615846 aCallback::exec() +0x16        G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(6142)
0x0061455C aSystem::run() +0xCC           G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(5407)
0x00610EE1 RealWinMain() +0x301           G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(3081)
0x0075F82A WinMain() +0xCA                L:\mcx\rmain.cpp(74)
0x00762CF2 WinMainCRTStartup() +0xCE     

DLL Version numbers
amstream.dll     - Version 6.6.7600.16385
quartz.dll     - Version 6.6.7600.16385
devenum.dll     - Version 6.6.7600.16385
dsound.dll     - Version 6.1.7600.16385
dinput.dll     - Version 6.1.7600.16385
Could not find 'd3dhalf.dll'
d3dim.dll     - Version 6.1.7600.16385
ddraw.dll     - Version 6.1.7600.16385
dplayx.dll     - Version 6.1.7600.16385
Could not find 'dplay.dll'
ntdll.dll     - Version 6.1.7600.16385
rpcrt4.dll     - Version 4.00.1073
Ir50_32.dll     - Version R.

Information returned by Game

ScenarioTime: 815.65
ScenarioTurn: 48872
MoverUpdateFreq: 000.00
TurretUpdateFreq: 000.00
WorldStateUpdateFreq: 000.00
WeaponFireUpdateFreq: 000.00
MissionAppName : MechCommander Expansion Release  Version: -- ae160e40_6d2b_11d5_b342_9b660c8eb532
DrawingVFXElement : mblip1
VFXType : 2
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: RizZen on 31 Aug 17
That's waypoint bug, read above. Doesn't have anything to do with your mouse movement. Solution also above.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: wherewulf on 10 Sep 17
First of all, amazing work. Playing through this game has brought back so many memories (and if you could do the same for Mechcommander 2 so I could actually play it on Win10 I just might give you my first born son). I know a couple of people have already mentioned the bug after Op2Mission13 in the expansion but I just wanted to give you my crash report in case you needed more info to get it fixed. Running Windows 10 and Darkest Hours 3.0.

EXCEPTION (Access violation at 0x0060CBE0)
Address  : 0x0060CBE0
Location : aPort::frame()
File     : L:\mcx\gui\Aport.cpp(413)

Processor/Stack    EAX=0x0810F46C EBX=0x081176A0 ECX=0x00000000 EDX=0x02DBE628    Flags=0x00010202
===============    ESI=0x08898BAC EDI=0x08119DC0 EBP=0x0019F478 ESP=0x0019F1D4    EIP=0x0060CBE0
0x006D4D12 MechInventoryBlock::handleEvent() +0x172 L:\mcx\logistics\invblock.cpp(424)
0x006116DC handleEvent() +0x72C           G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(3647)
0x00612A52 CheckMouse() +0x272            G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(4424)
0x00615846 aCallback::exec() +0x16        G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(6142)
0x0061455C aSystem::run() +0xCC           G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(5407)
0x00610EE1 RealWinMain() +0x301           G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(3081)
0x0075F82A WinMain() +0xCA                L:\mcx\rmain.cpp(74)
0x00762CF2 WinMainCRTStartup() +0xCE      

Machine Details
Executable name           : D:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\MCX1024x768.EXE
Current time, date        : 16:45:23 Sunday 9/10/2017
Executable time, date     : 08:40:43 Friday 8/25/2006
User name                 :
Machine name              :
Processor                 : GenuineIntel Pentium II MMX
Operating system          :
Version                   :
Time since booted         : 79h 13m 35s
Physical memory           : 2,147,483,647 bytes  (2047 Meg)
Available physical memory : 2,147,483,647 bytes  (2047 Meg)
Swapfile size             : / bytes  (0 Meg)
Swapfile available        : / bytes  (0 Meg)
Virtual memory            : 2,147,352,576 bytes  (2047 Meg)
Available virtual memory  : 1,949,097,984 bytes  (1858 Meg)
Memory load               : 60%

PCI bus

ISA bus

DLL Version numbers
amstream.dll     - Version 10.0.15063.0
quartz.dll     - Version 10.0.15063.0
devenum.dll     - Version 10.0.15063.0
dsound.dll     - Version 10.0.15063.0
dinput.dll     - Version 10.0.15063.0
Could not find 'd3dhalf.dll'
d3dim.dll     - Version 10.0.15063.0
ddraw.dll     - Version 10.0.15063.0
dplayx.dll     - Version 10.0.15063.0
Could not find 'dplay.dll'
ntdll.dll     - Version 10.0.15063.0
rpcrt4.dll     - Version 4.00.1073
Ir50_32.dll     - Version 10.0.15063.0

Information returned by Game

ScenarioTime: 587.82
ScenarioTurn: 209529
MoverUpdateFreq: 000.00
TurretUpdateFreq: 000.00
WorldStateUpdateFreq: 000.00
WeaponFireUpdateFreq: 000.00
MissionAppName : MechCommander Expansion Release  Version: -- Logistics
DrawingVFXElement : actor1
VFXType : 
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: RizZen on 11 Sep 17
2/13 is out of discussion. Must be my mistake. Something is messing up the purchase files. They need an update. To introduce finished merge faster i didn´t changed the regular ID´s of purchase files in master purchase file. That seems to have implified a mistake while introducing new purchase files out of order. The only solution i can do is to rewrite all purchases in correct order and update master purchase file. Then it will be possible to finish expansion, too. My bad. I will work on this issue first when i have more time again to focus on it.

EXCEPTION (Access violation at 0x0060CBE0)

This is the only helpful information for me cause i had same crash too, still get it from time to time on certain maps. The mission where you receive falcon in regular campaign for example. When i cross the protected bridge with containers on one side and some rocketlaunchers and a wall - when my lance crosses bridge game crashes with exactly this error. Same in the first X-Ray mission where you have to get all those containers. When i cross the street in the middle of the map i get this error too. There are some more certain missions where this error occurs. It is an original error from MC.
The only solution i have is NOT to move across these areas of map. Means, not crossing the bridge i described but finding another way to extraction point. And this means NOT to cross the midstreet in first X-Ray mission but move across northside or southside of it. If necessary sending each unit seperate... - there is no way to erase this bug for me. The syntax of how MC maps are created is complicated, the coordinate system is a mess and when you open ANY map with editor there is no guarantee to edit and save it with LESS bugs than it may have had before. That´s why i made such a big workload to edit all missions for MC WITHOUT editing itself in the end. Means in spite of mission 1 - which is just a 100% rebuilt of original mission one from my side with a Mad-Cat gift - i did only to show what is possible to do. I never had the intention to change the original game, just to enlarge it, evolve it to a more comprehensive and complete version of that game i loved so much.

So Expansion campaign will get an update before december when i´m lucky with my time i can maybe have it online until september (end).
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: QuinnAllard on 12 Sep 17
- Win 10 64bit
- darkest hours full version 3.0
- Starting menu, and prelaunch menu (mechbay, purchasing, etc) is TINY. Like 1/8th of my screen,
in game the screen isnt centered correctly and I cant move this cursor to command pilots more than a few inches.
- original campaign
- Every mission and menu
- I could give you screenshots but they wounldnt help
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: RizZen on 13 Sep 17
Play 1400x900 Maximum. Menu screen is always tiny on higher resolutions. I recommend reading the resolution notes I have added to my guide.
Screenshots would be very helpful. When you just play 1600-1050 there is no wonder you get problems. This resolution only works on certain cases. For all other cases lower resolutions have to be chosen. That's what makes MCG retro... you have to modify things before you can run it with low issues. I can't repeat that often enough as it seems.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: wherewulf on 25 Sep 17
RizZen, pretty sure I'm encountering the Waypoint bug as well and haven't been able to find a work around. I know you said in an earlier reply that you posted a work around in this thread but I must be blind because I've read through this entire thread about 6 times now and still haven't found the work around.

Also, were the pilot damage files altered? I swear I can't make it through a mission without out at least half my pilots getting hurt. Mainly seems to effect the newly created pilots but even some of the original pilots, like Hunter, seem like they're made of glass. I might expect that on Hard difficulty but right now I'm doing a play-through on normal. I remember Hunter being pretty easily hurt in the original release but I've stopped taking him on missions now because every mission I take him on he ends up one point away from being killed. Maybe I just have horrible luck.

Edit: So finally found where you talk about the work around for the waypoint bug. I'm having the issue on Op5 Mission 6 just east of Objective 1. Unfortunately you're limited with where you can go on that part of the map and so far haven't been able to find a work around.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: Gunner on 13 Oct 17
Minor bug - All (?) windows OS versions.

Not really a bug in this mod/version of the game, but one that has been present in every version of this game I have ever played, regardless of the computer or version of Windows OS.

Not sure what to call it but from the very first time you encounter a bridge (original game Op 1, Mis 2), the mechs stop when they get to a bridge if they cannot see the other side/end of the bridge.

This is one of the main reasons I started using the "mineeyeshaveseentheglory" cheat. It can be very hard to get the mechs to go across the bridge if the other end is covered by the "fog of war."

Once I got your remastered version up and running (GREAT job there and many thanks for breathing new life into an old favorite game!), I almost could not complete Op1, Mis 1 because my mechs kept refusing to go across the bridge. It took repeated effort to get them to cross it.

IF they can see the other end/side, there seems to be no problem, just click on the terrain at the other end and away they go, but if it is blacked out (especially on a long bridge such as this one), it can be a real PITA to get them to even try to cross it.

Not really sure if this is something which can be repaired/fixed internally, or if another method is needed (leave a small clear spot at the other end of the bridge?).
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: Gunner on 13 Oct 17
Ran into another one (Win 7- 64 bit OS) while playing the basic campaign. (Sorry for the sketchy details, but I just started the game again and replayed the mission)

The mission was the one where you have to get the sensor control, then kill the admin building, then go up the hill to the extraction point - right into the teeth of a Mad Cat, two Hunchbacks and five Bulldogs.

I dropped a camera drone behind all of those, and of course, they all chased it. When they did hit it, the screen went black and the game crashed to the desktop with one of those "something violated something" messages. 

Like I said, I just ignored it and restarted the game, so I can't remember exactly what it said, but when they shot the drone (LRM from the Mad Cat, IIRC), the game just stopped.

Also, I too have experienced the game crash in the mission with Osis' Masakari - BUT - it has done that in the vanilla game too - before I even heard of Darkest Hours, so I don't believe DH is the cause. 

I usually just have my mechs target his leg (and take the beating he dishes out) until another mech can capture that seventh salvage rig and then the mission ends. I don't get the Masakari that way, but at least the game doesn't crash.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: Gunner on 15 Oct 17
Odd happening at the start of a mission. Thunder starts complaining about being out of ammo. Since A) he is in a laser and SRM equipped mech and B) no shot has been fired yet, this does seem a bit odd. Below is a composite data pic of his mech.

(Sorry for the weird colors. This is the best Irfanview could do with the capture.)


As you can see, he is out of LRM ammo, which is consistent with the fact that THERE ARE NO LRMS FITTED ON THIS MECH. Not sure why this is happening unless the game somehow figures a Mad Cat must ALWAYS be fitted with LRMs, so when it couldn't find any ammo for them, it has the pilot complain about being "out of ammo."
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: Gunner on 15 Oct 17
Taking a break from the game for a short bit. Game keeps crashing on one mission. Briefing header says "Linchpin 04PRDNO2 - Downtown Lights." (Where Hitman joins the crew)

Lots of weirdness on this one, like Captain Ward's Mad Cat has all LRMs, but NO ammo. AND she fired PPCs at one of my mechs even though the data screen says she has none. (Mech "health" is an empty bar, no green, yellow or red.)

Then there is Kotare's Turkina. It shows two C-SRMs mounted, but has no ammo readout, BUT it does show that the ammo for his LRMs is at zero - except, he doesn't have any LRMs fitted to his Turkina. The briefing lists killing his Turkina as a secondary (not required) task, but he will find you and start a fight. The only problem with that is, killing his Turkina crashes the game with an error message of "Bad Ammo Index In Ammo Explosion." (I wrote it down this time)  :D

Come to think of it, I believe that is the same message you get in the stock game when Osis' Masakari blows up. (And also crashes the game)

Anyway, I finally had to use a cheat to bypass this mission or I could go no further. I hope this can be fixed as it looks like a fun mission, but for now...
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: Gunner on 16 Oct 17
AAAAARRGH!!! Same thing a few missions later when you have to use Outlaw and Blaze to kill the orbital gun. Osis' Masakari is guarding it and as soon as they kill his Masakari, the game crashes with "Bad Ammo Index In Ammo Explosion!" Looks like another mission to bypass until it can be fixed.

A suggestion, if I may? It would seem that these "special" Commander mechs are the problem. Possibly it might be better to just use a stock version of the mechs? Very frustrating to be playing along and then crash every time we run into one of these "specials."

EDIT/Additional thought: Any possibility that the previous post  about bad ammo readouts is related to the "Bad Ammo Index In Ammo Explosion!" crashes. Possible that it isn't the "special" mechs that are the problem, but the ammo readouts themselves?
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: Tyler799 on 22 Oct 17
Windows 10
Darkest Hours V3.0

I'm having a couple problems. The main one is that I don't know how to exit a mission. In the old MCG, it automatically exited once you had completed all mission objectives. But in Mission 1, Op 1, I'm stuck. I complete the main 3 objectives but it never goes to the "win screen". What do I do to exit?

As well, the game seems to run fine with both the ISO mounted and NOT mounted, which is super strange.

The executable I run (the 1920x1080 one) also automatically removes its own compatibility settings. (Like XP SP2, Administrator mode, or reduced color mode). My only fix was to set it to read-only. I needed to set those because without them, the game window gets really weird. I was getting large chunks of the screen to the bottom and right that I couldn't move the cursor into.

As well, when I move my cursor to the top or left, the screen moves to follow, but not in the bottom or right sides.

In 1920x1080, I also notice sometimes the corners of the screen freak out a little and have visual artifacts.

Finally, the main menu and pre-game screens are all really tiny compared to the actual mission screen.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: Gunner on 23 Oct 17

Finally, the main menu and pre-game screens are all really tiny compared to the actual mission screen.

It's mentioned elsewhere (honestly, I forget where) that this is a limitation of some kind due to the game's original screen resolution (640 x 480 ?) files. So, no matter which newer screen resolution you use for the game, those two screens will be tiny by comparison.

EDIT: Actually, here it is from the previous page:

[url][/url] ([url][/url])

Only ingame resolution is full screen, menu design was done for 640x480 only. There are no possibilities to make menu resolution optional.

Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: Gunner on 24 Oct 17
Another thing that needs mentioning.

I had to remove all (I think) of the new music files - not because I didn't like them, but because, even with the music set at the lowest setting in 'Preferences', they were so LOUD I could not hear what was going on in-game. The music overrode the mech pilots and Betty completely.

Which is a shame because I really do like some of it. Especially 'music22'. Which movie or game is that from? If there was a way to lower their overall volume in-game, I would gladly put them back in. There are two which I suspect as being from the R***cop movie series  ;) .
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: Gunner on 25 Oct 17
Another item - not sure if it's a bug or not.

Playing the expansion - just after mission 1 and I am in the Mech Lab trying to configure mechs for the next mission. I have Ilka in a Bushwacker-W with the following loadout:

1 x C small pulse laser - Load Value = 4
4 x C LRM - LV = 3 each, 12 total
2 x C ER medium laser - LV = 3.5 each, 7 total
1 x C LB 10X AC - LV - 13.5

I decided to add: 1 C large pulse laser - LV = 11.

This SHOULD mean that all I need to remove to make room for it, is the 4 C LRMs. Unfortunately, that doesn't work. I finally had to remove 1 C ER medium laser as well. 15.5 LV points removed to fit in one weapon with a LV of 11 - that is some bad mathematics there! And there is no space left to add anything else.

The only thing I can think of is that the AI is somehow seeing different load values than what is shown to us for each weapon.

Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: wherewulf on 25 Oct 17
Windows 10
Darkest Hours V3.0

I'm having a couple problems. The main one is that I don't know how to exit a mission. In the old MCG, it automatically exited once you had completed all mission objectives. But in Mission 1, Op 1, I'm stuck. I complete the main 3 objectives but it never goes to the "win screen". What do I do to exit?

RizZen added an objective when he redid the game. You have to cross a very long bridge to the west and capture a handful of resources. Just be careful as there is a Timberwolf guarding them. You can try and capture the T-wolf (I can never do it) but just make sure you don't complete at least one of the other objectives before going after the Timberwolf or the mission will finish.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: tobik_pt on 2 Nov 17
3 months ago I reported a bug for Op2Mis13 of expansion, I'm still hoping it will be fixed soon :)
Unfortunately I also got stuck now at the original campaign, Op2Mis17. I always try to start the mission with 2 mechs and immediately after the mission completes loading it says "Mission objective can not be completed - Mission failed".
Any ideas why this happens? I tried several combinations of mechs and pilots for the mission, but i can not play it, always mission failed directly at beginning.

Thanks for any help!
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: MoNrOo on 6 Nov 17
Bug: last mission Original campaign.
After the end of the mission, game crash.

Code: [Select]
EXCEPTION (Access violation at 0x00644964)
Address  : 0x00644964
Location : FullPathFileName::init() +0x24
File     : L:\mcx\Lib\Cident.cpp(50)

Processor/Stack    EAX=0x00000000 EBX=0x0018F2F0 ECX=0xFFFFFFFF EDX=0x0000000E    Flags=0x00210286
===============    ESI=0x0079433C EDI=0x00000011 EBP=0x0018F128 ESP=0x0018F11C    EIP=0x00644964
0x006FC87C Logistics::getCurrentMission() +0x6C G:\mcx\logistics.cpp(10324)
0x0072C0E0 Mission::EndScenario() +0x4C0  L:\mcx\mission\mission.cpp(1515)
0x0072CB8C MissionResultsScreen::destroy() +0x18C L:\mcx\mission\mission.cpp(1827)
0x0072C561 moveOnButtonHandleEvent() +0x21 L:\mcx\mission\mission.cpp(1671)
0x00609EE9 aButton::handleEvent() +0x1A9  L:\mcx\gui\aButton.cpp(254)
0x006116DC handleEvent() +0x72C           G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(3647)
0x006128EA CheckMouse() +0x10A            G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(4378)
0x00615846 aCallback::exec() +0x16        G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(6142)
0x0061455C aSystem::run() +0xCC           G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(5407)
0x00610EE1 RealWinMain() +0x301           G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(3081)
0x0075F82A WinMain() +0xCA                L:\mcx\rmain.cpp(74)
0x00762CF2 WinMainCRTStartup() +0xCE     

Machine Details
Executable name           : C:\Giochi\MCG Darkest Hours\MCX1024x768.EXE
Current time, date        : 10:43:05 Tuesday 10/24/2017
Executable time, date     : 08:40:44 Friday 8/25/2006
User name                 :
Machine name              :
Processor                 : GenuineIntel Pentium II MMX
Operating system          :
Version                   :
Time since booted         : 1h 42m 17s
Physical memory           : / bytes  (0 Meg)
Available physical memory : / bytes  (0 Meg)
Swapfile size             : / bytes  (0 Meg)
Swapfile available        : / bytes  (0 Meg)
Virtual memory            : 2,147,352,576 bytes  (2047 Meg)
Available virtual memory  : 1,956,249,600 bytes  (1865 Meg)
Memory load               : 20%

PCI bus

ISA bus

DLL Version numbers
amstream.dll - Version 6.6.7600.16385
quartz.dll - Version 6.6.7600.16385
devenum.dll - Version 6.6.7600.16385
dsound.dll - Version 6.1.7600.16385
dinput.dll - Version 6.1.7600.16385
Could not find 'd3dhalf.dll'
d3dim.dll - Version 6.1.7600.16385
ddraw.dll - Version 6.1.7600.16385
dplayx.dll - Version 6.1.7600.16385
Could not find 'dplay.dll'
ntdll.dll - Version 6.1.7600.16385
rpcrt4.dll - Version 4.00.1073
Ir50_32.dll - Version R.

Information returned by Game

ScenarioTime: 1744.42
ScenarioTurn: 370461
MoverUpdateFreq: 000.00
TurretUpdateFreq: 000.00
WorldStateUpdateFreq: 000.00
WeaponFireUpdateFreq: 000.00
MissionAppName : MechCommander Expansion Release  Version: -- Logistics
DrawingVFXElement : actor1

Mission 2x13 Expansion
After the end of the mission, when i came back on logistic phase, all the mech used in the 2x13 seems without weapons and if i click and try to go to the hangar the game crash, without the option to send a bugs report.

PS: I don't use the "new" mechwarriors, maybe it will help.

Thanks for the works, MC is one of my favourite game.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: Sublime Turkey on 9 Nov 17
Also tried to run game on notebook for another test, same Windows 10 x64, but got this: "Error with application run 0xc0000022".
Hi all,

Just downloaded this and am keen to get it running but I'm getting an error similar to the above:
"MCX1920x1080.EXE - Application Error
The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000022). Click OK to close the application."

ISO is mounted and in a separate directory, compatibility is set to XP SP2 and 8-bit colour. Nothing else running. I've tried the various executables but I get the same error every time.

I've found this error posted elsewhere but no working solutions. Any assistance would be appreciated.


EDIT: Looks like the issue was not having Direct Play enabled. Up and running now.
Title: Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Bug Reports & Solutions
Post by: Gunner on 10 Nov 17
I like and do use the new players, BUT, I do wish they had their own voices (friends, family, acquaintances, etc., are just a few possible sources for voice talent). 4-6 Mantis's running around a firefight gets real confusing as to who is in trouble or needs help.

And Boris and Magic's voices are just creepy. (That was keeping me from using them) I copied FoxD and Wolfs's voice files and renamed them "Boris" and "Magic."

Do you have a list of which of the "Pilot" Paks are which for the original characters?

I would like to change out some of those "Mantis" voice files for a few of the others in the original game (in lieu of actual new voices), sort of share the wealth so to speak. There are plenty of other female pilots in the original, but I don't know which file is who's.

I think it would really make this version a lot better if every new pilot WASN'T a Mantis or Blaze clone. Not bad-mouthing the use of original pilot voices, I just think it needs to be spread around a bit. (Plus, I would LOVE to switch out Thunder's voice with someone else. That "Already taken care of" is just annoying. I end up yelling at him "No, it isn't or I wouldn't be telling you to do it!" :)

EDIT: Okay, I answered my own question about who's who with respect to the original pilot voice files.

I picked one new pilot in a saved game I had - in this case, Cleo - and then made copies of all the original pilot voice files and pasted them into a new folder. Then - one at a time - I changed their name to Cleo's voice file (CleoA). Then I put this file into MCG Darkest Hours/Data/Sound - overwriting the current CleoA file. Next, I started the game and ran a test mission (for this it helped to have her as the only one with sensors) until I heard them mention their name ("Scarab here", "This is Blaze", etc.), then I ended the mission and closed out the game. (Yes, I did this 30 times. :) )

Even though I saw a pattern, I still did this with each and every file until I had them all logged. For instance, I was sure of a few, but did not stop until they actually spoke their name. So, without further ado, here is the list of pilots and their voice files:

1. Beast - PILOTA
2. Thunder - PILOTAA
3. Paingod - PILOTAB
4. Firestorm - PILOTAC
5. Vixen - PILOTAD
6. Hawk - PILOTB
7. Siren - PILOTC
8. Rooster - PILOTD
9. Isis - PILOTE
10. Gunman - PILOTF
11. Mystique - PILOTG
12. Gator - PILOTM
13. Spice - PILOTI
14. Baron - PILOTJ
15. Fiend - PILOTK
16. Ronin - PILOTL
17. Skater - PILOTH
18. Rebel - PILOTN
19. Hunter - PILOTO
20. Lynx - PILOTP
21. Hitman - PILOTQ
22. Countess - PILOTR
23. Scarab - PILOTS
24. Outlaw - PILOTT
25. Falcon - PILOTU
26. Burnout - PILOTV
27. Goblin - PILOTW
28. Mantis - PILOTX
29. Dragon - PILOTY
30. Blaze - PILOTZ

To give one of your pilots a different voice file, simply copy the preferred original pilot voice file to a new folder and change the name to the one you want changed, and then copy-and-paste (or simply move) the file back into the MCG DH/Data/Sound folder, overwriting the file currently there (You might want to copy that file first in case of some kind of screw up).

Example: You want to give Leya the voice of Isis. Copy the PILOTE.PAK file to a new folder, change the name to "LeyaA.PAK", and place in the folder mentioned above. Either save the current "LeyaA.PAK" first or just overwrite it. Now Leya responds in-game with the Isis voice files.

As I said before, RizZen, I'm not bad-mouthing your version (in fact, quite the opposite. I think you have done a magnificent job here!), just trying to cut down on the confusion of 5-6 Mantis and Blazes all talking at the same time in the same mission.