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17 May 17

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Man I didn't get hyped on the Javelin when I saw it. It was a new light mech, and that along kept me going, but it never struck me as being terribly cool.

But I'm having a good tiiiime! I'm not a "light player", but I've just been having so much fun with this dorky little mech (and it is a real dork), and it might even be one of the better light mechs out there. But why?!

Let's talk about physicality first. It's a 30-tonner, so it's smaller than some of the other lights you see out there. But let's be real, its boxiness and height should not inspire confidence. Its legs are slim (which is a big plus), but there's nothing spectacular here.

But then we get to hardpoints. In comparison to other 30-ton IS mechs (the Spider and Urbanmech) there's no comparison! None at all. It's the only one with missiles (the Anansi DOES NOT COUNT), and it's got more energy too. You won't necessarily be using all of them, but the freedom is there. And even when you compare it to the 35-tonners, it holds its own on hardpoints. Hell, even the JVN-10P (spoilers: this is easily my favorite) kicks all they asses with its missile stacks.

There's an elephant in the room, and I think we all know it. The Skill Tree. For my brief opinion, I made a quick post on MetaMechs), and there'll be more to come. For now, I'm going to try to include the skill trees I've been using for each mech in PUGs (meaning no extra UAVs because greed), but these aren't like Word of God or anything. So let's just get to the



Now, I know what you're thinking: not nearly enough ammo. And you're totally right. But the skill tree I used alleviated this problem (though it didn't really solve it):

JVN-10N Skill Tree

Even with the extra ammo for your SRMs, you'll run out of ammo if you live for very long at all. But in spite of that, this was a great variant to run, just a ton of fun.


JVN-10F Skill Tree

It's fast, it hits hard(ish), and it's just great. I think this might be a favorite of a lot of contemporary light pilots, but it wasn't for me.


JVN-10P Skill Tree

Oh hell yes, this was easily my favorite variant. The SRM2 has always been a pet favorite of mine, and I believe they've been buffed pretty recently. Skill tree's basically the same as the JVN-10N, but I just made a few tweaks. This is a great assassin, and the precision DPS it can put out in a fight is nuts. Just loads of fun.


JVN-11A Skill Tree

It's fine, but it's not interesting. Might be good in light battles, but I feel like the FS9-A probably still has it beat. Probably my last favorite of the variants.


JVN-11B Skill Tree

I wasn't a huge fan of this variant (no JJs), but it was cool to run around in a little light-hunter. Streaks just ain't what they used to be, but the intimidation factor is through the roof!


HI THERE! Skill Tree

Everything about it is preeeetty similar to the JVN-10F. I give the edge to the 10F for its extra speed, but the arm mounts are pretty nice.

Is it good?

It's pretty good. One of the best light mechs in the game, though I still give the edge to the current kings. I think Tier 2 is a good place for it in general, but it is just a super fun mech.

The JVN-10P is my favorite, and I think the best, but the JVN-10F fills the traditional light role very, very well.


Good: 7
Fun: 9

I know these scores are silly, subjective, and just about irrelevant. Just kinda feels good to put abstract concepts into numerical form. Tickles part of my brain.

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