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I'm honest when I say I never saw this bug before. My experiences with Windows 7/8 is rare... I have positive and negative feedback, especially windows 7 has problems with MCG.

For best performance I recommend using windows 98/2000/XP and 10.

Keep in mind that game only can be started with maximum desktop resolution. When ur desktop has 800x600 resolution all resolutions above won't work.
Nope sry I can't help with any MechWarrrior Game. I played the older ones but never attracted me that much cause my favourite are real time tactics.
Depending on MCG I listened for users wishes in the first place all the time.
Posting for my brother. Game works great on my system, not sure what's wrong with his. I have some ideas, but why not go to the masters?
All versions start up, play the initial startup screens (FASA, Microsoft) then it goes black and nothing more happens. Finally after waiting forever, he'll hit ESC and he gets this error.
running Windows 8.1 x64. Running the game in XP SP2 compatibility, I've had him adjust display settings as well as disable his audio Playback device. Nothing works. Please advise if possible.
its done by the guys who are doing MWO so from my experience, expect something... yet not everything you want.
RiZZen! Thanks man ! I saw that post you linked to but didnt think that the optional objective had to be completed.

Off i go!

ps: are you stoked for Battletech coming in april and Mechwarrior 5: mercenaries in december? I cried when i learned of MechW 5 :P
Mission Objectives

Have you seen this? Mission 1 was remastered by me. The old objectives aren´t enough to finish mission. You have to conquer south-west-island depot by crossing an originally non-existent bridge. But be careful, on the other side a Mad-Cat waits for attacking your mech-crew. I know objective has been shown as "optional" but on some installations this doesn´t work, don´t ask me why - mech commander source code is really annoying and physics too.
Hi ! 

I have DL your Darkest hour mod/standalone.

Yet i cannot finish mission one of the original merge? I complete all the objectives and there is no mission accomplished screen?

Playing on W7.

Anything i do wrong?
Not more complicated then buying weapons before starting counter strike or any other ego-shooter with prepareable weapons and items before starting after respawn/gamestart. It´s a left/right handed action combo that shows your enemy that you know your possibilities and using them fast guarantees some nasty loots on the battlefield. A mech without head is cheap to repair, gives higher selling price and allows efficent usage for own purposes.

Original Mech Commander Manual

Commander, as I stated in the vidcom, I am canceling your orders to return home. I know this
is very tough on morale—you and your men deserve some R&R after your distinguished service
in the attacks on the Clan Homeworlds. But I know that you understand the need to finish the
job: to eliminate this threat to the Inner Sphere once and for all. On a positive note, Battalion
has sent some new ’Mechs and weapons your way that should help bolster spirits some.

Three new Inner Sphere ’Mechs and the specifications for three new Clan ’Mechs.

Six new vehicles.

Five new weapons.

The waypoint feature.

The ammo conservation fire command.

Difficulty level settings.

Fire support mission hotkeys (for large and small artillery, sensor probes,
and camera drones).
In addition, Commander, keep your troops at combat readiness with Mission Editor. Create
new solo or multiplayer missions on either Port Arthur or the latest battlefield, Cermak.
Mission Editor includes:

Terrain, overlay, and building palettes for maximum geographic and structural flexibility.

Toolbars that allow you to manipulate your map in a variety of ways.

Unit and vehicle palettes through which you can detail variants, orders, speed, and colors,
to name a few.

Objectives tools through which you can mastermind a scenario and play it out.
Good Luck and Good Hunting,
Colonel Reese

When you have forgotten more tactical details. The tactical information from the manual may help to remember ur ingame potential. The pages 26-33 containing the most useful ingame tactical stuff.

The keyboard layout may also be helpful for reminding.
- Download Layout -
Thanks! For whatever reason I don't remember it being that complicated when I played the game ages ago but I'll have to give it a shot again.
thx for feedback anyways, i think it should be possible to reduce wav volume when creating them from mp3, i remember some editings you are able to advise before converting.
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