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MechCommander Modding / Important multiplayer notice!
« Last post by RizZen on Today at 05:53 PM »
While deeper testing multi-player functionality of darkest hours on gameranger we found out, that the 20 new warriors don't work for multi-player right now.
That's the bad news.

The good news is that everything else works actually.

So you can use 24 Mechs, 23 vehicles, 49 weapons & equipment but only 30 of 50 warriors. To not being in danger to crash your MP session just use the blue colored pilot faces. The other warriors are not part of the current iso file. Therefore ISO file needs to be updated. I will upload new ISO for multi-player containing warrior files during next week. Also I will replace ISO file of full game download then.

Players who use current version right now can download new ISO for bugfix of multi-player games separate and won't need to download and install all files again. Just one. Players who download full version after ISO update will have it already in standalone game folder.

Explanation: game synchronizes players warrior data when warriors being placed in mission slot. For now the new warriors cause an error while being placed into Lance. This error will end session. To provide errors in multi-player just don't use new warriors in multi-player games until new ISO will be released.
MechCommander Modding / Re: 2.0d - User Questions:
« Last post by RizZen on Today at 10:23 AM »
Arc_ from MCO:

Will the new mixtech patch include tanks and other vehicles? The current one only has Savannah and Pilum. Would be nice to try tank-only games on occasion.


That's one of my tasks yeah.

If I can focus some hours today I will upload new mixedtech patch on weekend.


The Mixed Tech Patch got integrated into my mod with version 2.0c... - but because it didnt work cause the individual *.mpk files of all multiplayer maps where corrupted - they needed to be rewritten before Mixed Tech could be usable in multiplayer. With 2.0d - includes 2.0a-c - the missing *.mpk file updates are completed for all 46 multiplayer missions i found to use yet. If there are missions missing some of you players may have in its game folders ur free to send them to me - the mission maps for multiplayer are *.fst files in game folder where exe files are. If you find a *.fst you can send it to me and i can introduce it as multiplayer mission into mod with integrated Mixed Tech Patch - New Mixed Tech with all vehicles to play and 20 new warriors.

Splina from MCO:
well..i tested a bit those new campaings and i found some problems :P

im not sure if you reworked original misions from campaing or just replaced them...because i didnt found more than 2 of them in new campaing.

bugs on missions requirements. Shows different things on lobby and on battle.
For example in lobby a mission require to protect a convoy, then when i enter to play it i have new requirements, like to destroy something.

incorect descriptions or wrong settings. On some misions descriptions shows you some good oponents...then when you enter in mision you meet only 1 vehicle as :))

4th and last for now..
Op3.Mis2. looks broken...i simply cant win it because i cant find what i must destroy :)
This again, is a mision what require to defend a convoy in lobby but in batle require 4 objectives including 2 same : to destroy...primary turret power?? Wtf is thtat..?
Looks like for one of them is a Factory...but for second is not binded. I destroyed all buildings and still cant finish :)

I hope this can help you to improve this game. Consider me a tester ;)

Pilots works fine, and mixing all those campaings looks good, except bugs from above.

And something what i would like to see...are both main campaings connected : Original and Expansion (with new misions included, of course). I mean when you finish Original campaing, Expansion start.


Topic:  MCG Ultimate - Darkest Hours v2.0d - Multiplayer - MAIN DEVELOPMENT THREAD - GETS UPDATET FIRST ANYTIME

Project Campaign Merging - Ultimate brainstorming

Mechcommander Gold Modders' Corner  (Read 22106 times)

You should carefully read this. All questions you have made are answered there and: on most points your right. I have completed much more missions than actually show up. But game has issues and so I needed to replace some of the original recreated missions with empty dummies cause they didn't worked like they should.
This will be done on long time perspective. Priority is first to get all backbone stuff working for first Cause its the fundamental basement on evolving MC in future.

By the way: only the 30 original missions are not finished and the 12 expansion of original game. All other missions (custom made ones) from user campaigns work as they do in their single builts. Advantage is having all missions, maps, files, campaigns in ONE version as ONE big thing instead of having multiple different versions each only stuff for some hours fun. - This has all for months - years if u get addicted enough.

So u have 89 missions to play (59 are working 100%)
and 41 in expansion (29 working 100%) in solo campaigns.
Coming soon about 40-45 solo maps to play free.
And already available with latest mod update 2.0d (see starting post) - the multiplayer feature with 46 activated mp maps to play on gameranger.

For further information read the threads I gave u above. There is much for you to understand then.
For more information bout *.abl scripting download cmunsta campaign building guide part II and read the guide for abl scripting.

What I can say on long time perspective: Original missions will be rebuilt 100% and completely remastered at the end. But for first Standalone and Multiplayer has priority now. The Campaigns are totally able to play through in spite of some naked missions. And in some years this wont be point of discussion anymore, cause original missions will be all back then.

The version I have created works so that its possible to update ur games with patches later to make it work without issues then. But as I've said... read. I dont make a finished version and leave you behind with bugs - i work on it until everything works, thats no promise or wish or somewhat - thats fact!

As I've said in links above, operation 3, 2 is broken and needs update like so.e others too. But u can finish when you have latest Version of Mod 2.0d.

Big Tex Atlas:
Make new weapons too!

Later.... very very later....

7 weapons are ready to be introduced but there need some changes to be made and that will effort focus in abl scripting time. The weapons where made by some russian modders and introduced in their repulse mod some years ago. I seperated the files for testing only first. They only become part of mod when i figured out balance and problems they may cause. The existent gameplay isnt bad so i dont see the point introducing imbalanced new weapons or anything else like the weapon, vehicle or tonnage mod for example - these are all things i have in backhand to evolve game.

So many things are possible to do. I just dont know where should i begin cause all of the stuff i have collected for MCG is interesting and would be nice to have ingame. I think i will see how players and community develops and then introducing most wanted stuff.

Help i play original mission xx and have problem yy with it:

General Answer at the moment to original Missions issues:

To campaign mission issues:

The way I worked out mod makes it possible that I can update and replace buggy missions by time without you loosing savegamefiles cause I introduced the updatet campaign master lists first. That way your savegames can be loaded after mission updates and you can enjoy the better missions not being forced to start new game after mission updates.

If you have downloaded the latest version 2.0d and still not being able to finish a campaign mission then contact me. I will have a deeper look then. But I played through both campaigns without any serious problems. Only real problem I mentioned are purchase files. Cause after introducing 30 original missions into existing campaign some pilots get available before u gain them in missions. Countess for example. You gain her in the later campaign but can buy her some missions before. Of u already have her as pilot and u start the mission where she joins team game will crash. If u sell countess before mission start u gain her back in mission and nothing will crash. If I remember right it's operation 4 somewhere... but this is what I will fix before standalone will be finished.

The purchase files are one reason for what the existing campaigns will stay like they are now. So in original campaign the first 89 missions will always be the ones I have worked out for now. In expansion campaign the first 42 missions will be always in that order you find them now. It was a very hard work to get such complex campaign files written. Cause extender and editor can't handle such large campaigns I needed to compile manually letter by letter and later reworking to make clean of bugs lasted very long. The last part are purchase files now to make them synchronized with the campaign you can play now. Needless to say that it won't really necessary to use in-game shop for equipment or Mechs when you loot from battlefield. The many salvage containers you can get from all campaigns contain allot comprehensive weapons and the enemy Mechs are the ones you wanna salvage cause you fave many clan Mechs as enemies. Salvaging their Mechs from the battlefield and using salvaged weapons from wrecks or Storage's/containers on battlefield will make your team a deadly force.

Original: Operation 5, Final mission 89

New MechWarriors Artwork

Expansion Campaign: Operation 3, Mission 1 (mission 26 of 41)

Mission XX objectives not working or wrong not like displayed.

General Answer 2 to original Missions issues - deeper explained:

You see the guide I'm writing splina?
The problem with original missions 1-30 and original expansion 1-12 is that they couldn't be integrated in other campaigns. The reason is that the original missions where scripted 90%. Not editor or extender compatible. Reason two it doesn't work with original missions is that they all are stored in the same *.fst folder.
So the game I have created only had user campaign missions (Xenocide, X-Ray, Exodus for original and turncoat, Bengal & dsc raid for expansion ) all completed and working 100% in it.

So there is where 59 missions for original campaign. And 29 missions for expansion.

Task is to have the largest campaigns ever in the end. And due to the fact many asked for original missions I had to find a solution to integrate them. This was the hardest part.

All original missions needed to be recreated from 0 with editor. I had just naked map files. I have done everything what you can do to recreate these missions with editor and extender so far they technically allow. The capacities are low and the software crashes often, especially when you have complex mission objectives.

The source of original missions was extracted and download able from gamestand. This and cmunstas guides and some forum information of Modders and people trying same like me but suffering on it I've found. There was no suitable solution to find and so I had to develop my own recreation process with the things I have hoarded for MCG. There are 3 phases of recreation process:
1. Editor phase - unit placing, buildings & salvage, mission objectives and unit orders as far editor can do
2. Extender and Extractor work - salvaging and additional mission objectives and some deeper settings then editor can do, then compressing to usable dpk and extract to mission.fst file ur used to see (like multi-player maps)
3. *.abl scripting phase - extracting mission.fst and writing abl files needed to make missions as complex as origins has been

Phase 3 started with the full version release and must be seen as long time perspective project. I need players and active community testing, playing & enjoying game before they will be 100% recreated. One additional reason that I didn't started the abl part yet is, that I have some imaginable solutions I would like to try first cause they will allow to recreate them faster in the end. I didn't said for nothing that next update will be December. In December I think it's possible to have it done that way that originals are 100% back.

But since then you have to see the 30 original missions part of original campaign merge as training missions with gifts for players like full salvage containers.
I said months ago on NGNG that original missions won't be 100% like before when full version comes. Cause many waited so long I found a solution to give players profit of better version in spite of the fact that original missions not complete. This is a problem and I know it irritates you as player when some missions not being like expected (mission objective issues) - and I don't like it too, but it's a compromise letting you as player taking part in development process.
There are many missions already finished but they didn't work as they should. It is not possible to make a working train for example with editor. I tried many ways of getting train work but I need to abl script that manually otherwise mission will crash in-game. Therefore I replaced some mission objectives (it's just for a time that way).
Important to me is: Are the missions playable (not suitable of course they are not when not 100% original I know) - but I need to know if they work (start, objectives, end, next log screen) - cause these are the files who are backbone for recreation process.
I need to know what salvage works or if maybe some containers are forgotten who contain salvage.
And keep in mind: not all missions are on low level of recreation, some could fit in very well with a good result compared to original.
So at the moment left to say don't expect the original missions as serious at the moment they are not but that was never intended. It's just a technical game issue I would like to have them 100% too again but this is the most complicated part cause there have to be many file updated made.
So multi-player features and solo missions and some art work for new pilots (needed due to campaign length as the campaigns are largest ever exist) to give it more potential and making it a backbone for a evolved remastered version was first priority. Legend made clear to me that players need a full functional product to make it develop able for future processes and mission updates. This way everyone can help making original missions 100% perfect in the end. Only thing you need to do is to report missing salvages or wrong flagged buildings like sensors which don't work or turret linings. When all basic things work abl process can be finally finished.

So don't be mad with original missions, all other things work and after purchase file update for single-player and sol update for solo missions you can try out free all recreated missions to see how far the recreation process has been done for now. But this isn't the final mission, this is my next task.

So I apologise if this is making you upset now but I never said something else, therefore please have a look on noguts no galaxy to understand the complexity of the whole remastering process.

I hope you can still enjoy my work and by giving you the perspective that this will be done next I hope you have a blast playing through it now, using benefit of the originals to boost your mechbay for harder custom missions. Also for skilling warriors the additional missions should be helpful for you playing through these biggest campaigns ever.

By the way: the version I have created doesn't corrupt your savegamefiles when you will receive an update. You can play it like you can now then with the difference that all missions will be back 100% at the end. Maybe in December I think I have some solutions which could work.
MechCommander Modding / Re: Darkest Hours - Solo Missions
« Last post by RizZen on Today at 09:39 AM »
MCG - Darkest Hours - Solo Mission Maps 1-45

350.000 RP

Port Arthur Redux (PAREDUX)
600.000 RP

The Gun
250.000 RP

RizZ0101 - recreated Original mission Op1 Start
Starting budget is 1.000.000 Ressource points for all Operation Missions.

RizZ0201 - recreated Original mission Op2 Start
1.200.000 RP for all six Operation Missions

RizZ0301 - recreated Original mission Op3 Start
1.500.000 RP for all six Operation Missions

RizZ0401 - recreated Original mission Op4 Start
1.800.000 RP for all six Operation Missions

RizZ0501 - recreated Original mission Op5 Start
2.000.000 RP for all six Operation Missions

xRiz0101 - recreated Expansion mission Op1 Start
1.250.000 RP for all four Operation Missions

xRiz0201 - recreated Expansion mission Op2 Start
1.500.000 RP for all four Operation Missions

xRiz0301 - recreated Expansion mission Op3 Start
2.000.000 RP for all four Operation Missions

So, did anyone else think they were going to get hundreds of millions of C-bills (if not more) when the Skill Tree dropped & all the modules were refunded?

Because I sure was.

All I got from the refund was a paltry 5 million from the 'mech & weapon modules.

Now I wish I had sold all my modules before the new skill system dropped.

*sighs* This is why you should read the patch notes people. *facedesk*

I apologize if this has been asked before ad nauseam, but why were only modules acquired from after Dec 16, 2016 up to the last patch refunded for C-bills & not ALL the modules refunded for C-bills?

Also, is there a way to view the 'Refund Ledger' again once you've closed it, or is it a "one & done" thing like the 'Item Injection Ledgers'? Never mind, I Found it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be over in the corner smashing my head against the wall & screaming in frustration.
Support / Re: Buggy postings
« Last post by Seth on Today at 12:50 AM »
Adequate is what I aim for, so perfectly possible is high praise indeed!
Version 2.0d includes:
- following campaigns original (89 missions) & expansion (42) merge
° Exodus & Turncoat
° Xenocide & Bengal
° X-Ray & DSC-Raid
° Original & Expansion (Recreated Originals)
- alltogether 130 campaign missions to play the biggest campaigns ever made for MCG
° recreated 30 original and 12 expansion campaign missions that could not be integrated like they are present in file structure game has
° updated 42 purchases and created 90 new purchase files
° new, &
° updated last turncoat mission of expansion campaign to make it compatible to campaign (warrior bugs)

- 45 instead of just three solomissions to play
° play the original solomissions ACEHUNT, PAREDUX & THEGUN
° play all recreated original & expansion missions from all operations with awesome budget (keep in mind these missions not finished yet)

- 57 activated Multi-Player Maps to play on
- new,,
- colossal *.sol file update for solomissions
- colossal *.mpk file update for multi-player missions
- integrated Mixed-Tech-Patch for solomissions & multi-player (IS+Clan tech fusion for both playable sides)
° includes 24 BattleMechs, 23 Vehicles, 50 Pilots and 49 weapons & mech equipment to use for these features
° contains all basic elements that exist in original gamefiles, including special weapons like Sniper / Thunderbolt / ...

- New artwork
° new loading screen
° new saving screen
° new background menu screen
° +20 new warrior pictures for logistics & in-mission
° +20 nameplates for new warriors
° new music for main menu & logistics
- new
° added indexes and descriptions for 20 new warriors

Folder structure changes
- put links to gameranger & MCG Darkest Hours Guide into game folder
- new MCX.exe for gameranger to play multi-player scenarios
- pre-installed editor, editor2, extender
- new icon for MC directed links or exe files
- no CD-Exe for testing (only 640x480 resolution)
- new resolution *.exe by magic (1280x768 widescreen)
- new resolution *.exe by magic (1280x1024 4:3 monitors)
- integrated original *.ISO - CD into game folder for gameranger (loads iso automatically)
- ReadMe file inside - how to install full version

Further information about modded content:
- rebalanced warrior skills (especially the ones from mission gifts)
- first campaigns with working purchases for 130 campgain missions total
- gaining 13 Warriors from the battlefield
- created new start0.pkk (easy & hard) // xStart0.pkk (expansion)
Articles / Hero Mech Pack Theorycrafting Bonanza
« Last post by GMan129 on 24 May 17 »
So we've got 3 upcoming packs that are full of exclusively hero mech variants of existing chassis. I'm not totally sure about whether or not its helpful for me to be making these pieces for the hero packs, but I need a break from Skill Tree math, so it'll be good to think of something else for a while. Something with slightly fewer decimals.

Now, these are a lot of mechs spread over multiple packs, so I'm gonna be doing things a bit differently. I still am including a specific build for each that I think illustrates its unique potential, but I'm not gonna spend a full paragraph telling you about how the Shadow Cat gets an extra missile hardpoint.

That being said, some of these require...a bit of discussion.

IS Lights

Urbanmech K-9
  • Endo, Ferro (RA stripped, Head at 5, RT at 12, max elsewhere), STD180 (97.2 KPH), 2 JJs
  • 5x MPL
  • 11 DHS
I think this will probably be the best Urbanmech (depending on quirks), but we'll see. Shouldn't be exactly OP.

Wolfhound Grinner
  • Endo, Ferro (Arms stripped, Head at 7, max elsewhere), XL285 (131.9 KPH)
  • 1x LPL
  • 3x ML
  • 12 DHS, ECM
The ECM is nice, but I can't say I'm super impressed in general. Still, not bad for a Wolfhound, and again that'll depend on quirks.

Panther Katana Kat
  • Endo, Ferro (Head at 12, max elsewhere), XL250 (115.7 KPH), 2 JJs
  • 2x LL
  • 2x ML
  • 11 DHS
Eugh. This one really depends on quirks, but I doubt it'll come close to the PNT-9R.

IS Mediums

Crab Florentine
  • Endo, Ferro (Arms stripped, Head at 12, max elsewhere), XL300 (97.2 KPH)
  • 2x PPC
  • 2x SRM4A w/ 1.5 tons of ammo
  • 13 DHS
I like the idea of this mech, but it's really gonna depend on hardpoint locations (I'm pretty sure that picture is just of an existing Crab's head and CT hardpoints). If the ST mounts are high, this could be a really cool machine. If not, I think it'll still be fun.

Enforcer Ghillie
  • Endo, Ferro (RA stripped, Head at 16, max elsewhere), XL280 (90.7 KPH), 1 JJ
  • 3x ERLL
  • 17 DHS, ECM
Basically, it's like the sniper Phoenix Hawk but with way less speed and more heat sinks. I think it could be pretty damn good.

IS Heavies

Grasshopper Mjölnir
  • Endo, Armor (RA stripped, Legs at 49, max elsewhere), XL325 (75.2 KPH), 1 JJ
  • Gauss Rifle w/ 3 tons of ammo
  • LPL
  • 4x ML
  • 16 DHS
I like that you can cram all the energy into the torso sections on this and pair it with a ballistic, but I can't see it getting used over the GHR-5N or any existing Ballistic/Energy heavies.

Black Knight Partisan
  • Endo, Armor (Legs at 49, max elsewhere), XL350 (75.6 KPH)
  • AC/20 w/ 3.5 tons of ammo
  • 6x ML
  • 17 DHS
I think it's really cool that there's no lower arm actuator on this thing, since there's not a lot of AC/20 arms in the game outside of the gun-arm dudes (Jagermech, Rifleman, Blackjack, etc.) I'm not sure it'll be any good, but it could be a decent skirmisher.

IS Assaults

Zeus Skokomish
  • Endo, Armor (LA at 6, max elsewhere), XL340 (68.8 KPH)
  • 4x SRM6A w/ 5.5 tons of ammo
  • 2x MPL
  • 16 DHS
This is the first Zeus with 4 missile hardpoints, making it ideal for an SRM boat. And if it gets any SRM quirks at all reall, it could be quite good at that. But as is, it's looking pretty slow and 4 SRM6s isn't a lot to rely on for an Assault.

Mauler Knockout
  • Endo, Armor (Legs at 67, LA stripped, max elsewhere), STD325 (58.5 KPH)
  • 4x SRM6A w/ 5 tons of ammo
  • LB10 w/ 2 tons of ammo
  • 16 DHS
I could kinda copy and paste everything from the Zeus, but the beefed up survivability and backup weapons is a big help. Still, that's a really slow brawler.

King Crab Kaiju
  • Endo, Armor (Legs at 69, arms stripped, max elsewhere), STD300 (48.6 KPH)
  • 2x UAC/5 w/ 6.5 tons of ammo
  • 2x LRM10A w/ 5.5 tons of ammo
  • 14 DHS
I feel like this thing just has so much potential, but...I couldn't squeeze anything really special out of it. Everything I wanted to do ended up being too heavy or too lame. But if the ballistic hardpoints are high, it should be workable.

Clan Lights

Mist Lynx w/ ED & G Omnipods
  • cEndo, cFerro (Head at 12, max elsewhere), CXL175 (113.4 KPH), 6 JJs
  • 4x cERML (RT, RA)
  • 13 DHS
I think this is actually pretty cool that you're able to side-load this stuff.

Arctic Cheetah w/ SH & E Omnipods
  • cEndo, cFerro (max everywhere), CXL240 (129.6 KPH), 6 JJs
  • 8x HMG w/ 4 tons of ammo
  • 2x Flamer
  • 12 DHS
This could be crazy good, or crazy bad. But 8 Heavy Machine Guns's a lot of Heavy Machine Guns. But since they're probably no good against armor, you might want to swap out the flamers and heat sinks for something like small pulses.

Jenner IIC Fury
  • cEndo, cFerro (Head at 10, max elsewhere), XL295 (136.5 KPH), 2 JJs
  • cLPL
  • 6x HMG w/ 2 tons of ammo
  • 10 DHS
This one's pretty underwhelming, but I'm not upset about that and a ballistic Jenner could be cool.

Clan Mediums

Ice Ferret w/ RC & P Omnipods
  • cEndo, cFerro (max everywhere), CXL360 (129.6 KPH)
  • 5x HML
  • 15 DHS, ECM
The Ice Ferret gets a whole lot of new options from the Hero and new C-Bill omnipods; the Hero gives you 4 missile hardpoints, and the C-Bill one gives you 6 energy. I think this could make the Ice Ferret pretty good, since its lack of hardpoints has been one of the biggest issues it has had.

Shadow Cat w/ MI & H Omnipods
  • cEndo, cFerro (max everywhere), CXL270 (97.2 KPH)
  • 4x SRM4 w/ 5 tons of ammo
  • 2x SPL
  • 12 DHS
The Shadow Cat's really only getting an extra missile hardpoint (the Hero RA is no big deal) and it's coming from the C-Bill variant, which is nice. But it's not gonna revolutionize the chassis.

Hunchback IIC Deathwish
  • cEndo, cFerro (Head at 14, legs at 44, max elsewhere), CXL255 (82.6 KPH)
  • Gauss Rifle w/ 2.5 tons of ammo
  • 5x cERML
  • 17 DHS
If this thing just had jumpjets, it would become such a good poptart. As is, it looks like a pretty cool gauss vomit platform, serving as legit competition for the heavies. Again, not revolutionary, but pretty cool.

Clan Heavies

Mad Dog w/ BA & H Omnipods
  • cEndo, cFerro (Head at 12, legs at 42, max elsewhere), CXL300 (81.0 KPH)
  • 2x UAC/20 w/ 5 tons of ammo
  • 12 DHS
It's not enough ammo or heat sinks, but it's so cool anyways. I think swapping the 20s out for UAC10s and slapping on a few lasers would be a better option, but this is so much cooler. Unfortunately, it's limited to the Hero omnipods...

Ebon Jaguar w/ EC & D Omnipods
  • cEndo, cFerro (LA stripped, legs at 51, max elsewhere), CXL325 (81.0 KPH)
  • 2x Gauss w/ 5 tons of ammo
  • 2x cERSL
  • 13 DHS
This is the most problematic bit of the packages. The extra side torso ballistic hardpoint for the Ebon Jaguar does mean that it's absolutely pay-to-optimize, and potentially p2w. This example doesn't do a great job of illustrating the latter point (dual gauss on a JJ-less heavy isn't the end of the world, regardless of how high the mounts are), but you can also fit dakka builds and all sorts of new and improved ballistic/energy hybrids with high mounts and loads of tonnage.

Hellbringer w/ VI & P Omnipods
  • Structure, Armor (arms at 1, legs at 56, max elsewhere), CXL325 (81.0 KPH)
  • 2x cLPL
  • 4x cERML
  • 21 DHS
Thankfully, both new variants of the 2 Energy RTs, which means you don't need to shell out for this build. I'm a big fan of the tight weapon grouping and armless weight savings you get out of this build, not to mention the high mounts.

Orion IIC Sköll
  • cEndo, cFerro (LA at 1, legs at 58, max elsewhere), CXL360 (77.8 KPH)
  • Gauss Rifle w/ 3 tons of ammo
  • 2x cERPPC
  • 20 DHS
It's basically a Clan Protector, but with one less ballistic hardpoint. So we're looking at way too many heatsinks for the weapons we actually have.

Clan Assaults

Gargoyle w/ KW & E Omnipods
  • cEndo, cFerro (RA stripped, legs at 58, max elsewhere), CXL400 (81.0 KPH)
  • 4x SRM6A w/ 5.5 tons of ammo
  • 4x cSPL
  • 18 DHS
Finally, 4 missile hardpoints on the Gargler. I think this is basically what it'll look like, and I think it'll be really badass. Unfortunately, you're gonna need the Hero LT to truly optimize this thing, but with it this will be a nasty little machine.

Executioner w/ CH & E Omnipods
  • Structure, cFerro (RA stripped, legs at 65, max elsewhere), CXL380 (64.8 KPH), 4 JJs
  • UAC/20 w/ 4 tons of ammo
  • 4x SRM4 w/ 4.5 tons of ammo
  • 17 DHS
This is a pretty cool-looking fast brawler, like a slightly weaker Spirit Bear with jump jets. It does require the Hero omnipods, though, and the C-Bill variant doesn't seem like it'll be too valuable.

Highlander IIC Keeper
  • Structure, Armor (legs at 61, max elsewhere), CXL325 (58.5 KPH), 1 JJ
  • 2x UAC/10 w/ 6 tons of ammo
  • 4x SRM6A w/ 4 tons of ammo
  • 18 DHS
I think this could be a pretty cool variant. Easily the best Highlander IIC, like the HGN-IIC-C on steroids. Plus, you can do builds that use 2 LB20s or Gauss, with missile backup weapons.


It's hard to make predictions about a lot of these because of the lack of quirk info, but there is cause for concern about that Ebon Jaguar, and I'd estimate about half of these Heroes are either the best variant of the chassis, or have the omnipods required for the best builds on the chassis. Can't say I'm too pleased by that, even though PGI is releasing a buttload of C-Bill variants alongside those Hero Omnimechs.

Still, enough of the new options are cool rather than good for me to still be looking forward to their releases, in general.

GMan129 is an officer of the Steel Jaguar competitive team, he is the owner of and writer for MetaMechs, and he does some writing for NGNG as well. He has been playing MechWarrior Online since the early days of closed beta, and has spent far too much time and money on this crap. If you're interested in supporting his self-destruction, consider checking out his Patreon!
Sound Mods / MCG - Extracted Soundfiles
« Last post by RizZen on 23 May 17 »
Extracted audio source of Mech Commander (Betty, Pilots...)

Sireyn asked me to offer mwo the extracted sound files ... well here it comes. Have fun modding ;)
Support / Re: Buggy postings
« Last post by RizZen on 23 May 17 »
Great work, everything is working fine.

The technical status this board has now makes my kind of work perfectly possible to do!

Ty very much
Support / Re: MCG - Darkest Hours - Guide
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Forgot to say: It is urgent, i have some "fans" who try to sabotate my work, telling other users it doesnt work but they actually know exactly it works - therefore im getting offended at the moment... - after i got betrayed and fooled by the same guys.
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