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Community Content / Re: Shiny's BT and Mech Art
« Last post by Shinypants on Today at 07:33 AM »
Decided to try my hand at a Hollander...

Definitely not compensating for anything...

BattleTech Universe / Tabletop Gamer's in British Columbia Canada
« Last post by ice man on Today at 03:08 AM »

I'm a huge fan of Battletech and I have myself the Starter Kit, Rule Books (Total Warfare, A Time of War, Campaign Operations) and a number of additional models. However the only people I know who play are my friends whom I am GMing A Time of War with, when I can force one to play against me, or the odd co-worker or stranger who played years ago.

I live Around the New Westminster area and can go wherever public transit can take me, I would love if someone could point me to a hobby shop, event, or even yourself so I can expand my collection and meet and play with other passionate fans of the universe. 
Community Events / 24 Hour Mechathon for homeless kids
« Last post by RjBass3 on Yesterday at 02:32 PM »

     For the first time since June of 2015 I will be focusing my 24 hour charity Mechathon on homeless and abused children and teens.  This is a cause that runs very near and dear to my heart because there was a time in my life when I was a homeless teen.  At age 18 I was living homeless on the streets of South Florida.  I slept under bridges, and ate whatever I could.  It was a true struggle for survival in those days of my life. 

     Fortunately I was rescued by a very kind and generous organization called Covenant House.  Covenant House as some of you may know, is a shelter for homeless and abused kids, but the services they provide to those kids goes way beyond just being a shelter.  They also help rehabilitate kids suffering from substance abuse, provide G.E.D training, teach kids how to manage their money, help them find jobs, and even provide furniture to kids who finally get their own place after leaving the shelter.  When kids are at the shelter, Covenant house provides three square meals a day, a soft bed, and everything a person needs to live a healthy life. 

     If Covenant House didn’t rescue me when I was homeless I don’t know where I would be now.  Thanks to them I have been living a productive life for the past 25 years.  I currently live in a nice apartment, have two kids in college and work as a technology teacher for kids in grades pre-k through 8th grade in a small private school.  I give a lot of credit to Covenant house for saving me, and being a positive influence on making me the man I have become.
So on May 20th 2017, the 24 Hour Mechathon will be all about Covenant House. I and many others will be playing MWO for 24 hours straight while raising money and awareness for Covenant House.  The entire event will be streamed live to and also to my own Twitch and Beam channels.  We will also have lots of giveaways provided by PGI/NGNG. 

     Donations for Covenant House will be taken at the following link   All donations go directly to Covenant House as the donation page is hosted by and controlled by Covenant House.  We have set a goal of raising $1000 for Covenant House during the 24 hour campaign. 
BattleTech Universe / Re: Battletech/Mechwarrior movie?
« Last post by BravoWhiskyCharlie on Yesterday at 11:08 AM »
We're working on one. We've had some set-backs, and we're doing it with no budget so it's taken some time. The cinematography is done, and we're about 90% done with editing. Should be ready within the next thirty days, provided we have no further issues.
Community Content / Re: MWO/BT Art by SpOoKy777
« Last post by BravoWhiskyCharlie on Yesterday at 10:52 AM »
Saw your JumpShip on DeviantArt. We're actually looking for a 3D model (for animation purposes), can you point us in the right direction? Your art page linked to a URL that was no longer functional.
Community Content / Atlas mechporn wallpapers help
« Last post by spiritwalker on Yesterday at 02:05 AM »
I have been searching high and low for some Atlas mechporn for wallpapers and not come up with many.

The awesome Spooky777 ones I have found and have those for my wallpaper.

Does anyone have links or some that could help me with my Atlas mechporn addiction to put as wallpapers would be grateful :)
Mechcommander / Re: MCG: Ultimate 120 mission Merge! v2.0
« Last post by RizZen on Yesterday at 01:51 AM »

Managed to finish remastering processes part I&II on following missions:

Expansion missions
Operation 1 - mission 1-4
Operation 2 - mission 1-3

They are ready to be introduced into mod.

Last missions gonna get to part II of the remastering process are:

Last mission from op2 - done
Operation 3 - mission 1-4 - done

So only 5 missions left for me to recreate. - done

After this I make 12 new purchases for expansion and put them into existent campaign of 30 missions. - done

But they are not finished yet. Process part III, the final remastering via abl scripting will be the last step.

Orders here are to
- place units which are missing
- recreating last missing mission objectives
- fixing salvage bugs (all containers and salvage buildings should contain equipment now)
- fixing missing building links like turrets or perimeter alerts of missions
- overworking all artificial intelligences by upgrading mission brains of existent original missions.

When this is done the original missions should work like vanilla with some small edits based on that some things may not be possible to recreate 1o1 -

... - and then I'm starting to add missions at the end of the existent campaigns with the task to enlarge each campaign up to 100 playable missions.

This will include a new story placed in this battle Tech universe. This story I try to make 100% clean matching the existent story without logic errors by messing original story up.


Op1 expansion done
Op2 expansion done
Op3 X - 03/01 done
Op3 X - 03/02 done

Only two missions to recreate and bring to abl level.

03/03 & 03/04 - done & done ^^

+ 12 new purchase files and final expansion campaign of mod will be introduced. - done

Purchase files
xPurchase29-40 created for expansion orginal

And new - update expansion to 41 missions

If everything works fine on Friday the last massive milestone to standalone game version of retro MCG will be done.

For all existent requested source from community... wait till mod built update is done.

I will upload:
- remastered cmunsta tools
- remastered pkk work tools
- all remastered missions source (for giving supporters a try to change the missing mission objectives for mod to be finished earlier)
- all purchase source & some descriptions

The later updates will contain many solo missions although from ultimate campaign to be able to play as single scenarios or short campaigns.
It is also possible to recreate each single campaign ... may loose autosave function then in solo campaign.
Community Content / Re: Shiny's BT and Mech Art
« Last post by Shinypants on 21 Apr 17 »
Dakka dakka...

Mechcommander / Re: Project Campaign Merging
« Last post by RizZen on 21 Apr 17 »
640x480 (nocd exe) / 800x600
Should help solving problem. It's a known bug of old exodus campaign mission 1.

Expect me to have a closer look how to solve this maybe 2018 lol - at the moment the missions on desk to enhance and remaster are just the first 6 of each operation and later the first 4 missions of each expansion operation.

Ty for reporting it may help others who get probs here to solve. Thumbs up.
Mechcommander / Re: Project Campaign Merging
« Last post by Colobos on 21 Apr 17 »
Original Campagin Op1 Mish15 crashes half way through if your using a high res launcher, switching back to original resolution means you can complete the mission and then exit game to switch back to high res.

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