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16 Jun 17

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Operation 5, Mission 12 - Briefing
Exodus Mission 05/03

Operation 5, Mission 13 - Briefing
Xenocide Mission 05/02

HELP! Mission is not ending - Killing Wirth objective doesn´t work!
I made a hotfix that makes objective working. You need to kill all enemies on map. Objective description like before - killing Wirth... KILL ´HEM ALL!
>>> Klick here to download hotfix <<<

Operation 5, Mission 14 - Briefing
X-Ray Mission 05/04

Operation 5, Mission 15 - Briefing
Exodus Mission 05/04

Operation 5, Mission 16 - The final
Original Mission 05/06

Mission Objectives:
+ Destroy the Orbital Cannons (33.000 RP)
+ Destroy the Orbital Cannons (33.000 RP)
+ Destroy the Orbital Cannons (33.000 RP)
* Capture or destroy the perimeter turrets (5.000 RP)

TIME LIMIT: 35 minutes
Maximum Tonnage: 600 tons
Maximum Units: 12 (4/4/4)
Artillery: 3 Small, 3 Large
Probes: 2

Logistic Phase: Assault and heavy 'Mechs only, with a good mix of long and short range weapons. There aren't many vehicles are, but the Clan has a full Trinary inside the base, and it is a assault one.
This mission is set on the starport, the final objective of the whole campaign, so this will be your last mission. The starport occupies two thirds of the map, leaving only a small part of the south-west covered by an hill and some trees. The external perimeter is protected by a double hardened wall with LRM turrets, and inside other heavy walls divide the starport into several sub-sections.

Combat Phase: You'll start on a small hill: proceed on its top and this will reveal 4 Thors W going to the base, to reinforce it. They won't pose a problem, so do not waste ammunition or artillery strikes on them.
After the Thors passed, proceed toward north, nside the small forest: you'll encounter a Loki J patrolling the perimeter, and a second Loki will come to help its mate. After you destroyed the 'Mechs, approach the light wall, but DO NOT step in the area between the light and the heavy wall: it is mined. Destroy the mines and the hardened wall sections, enter the base and destroy all LRM turrets firing at you.
On the left side of your map there is a small hill, inside the base: use one of your jump-capable 'Mechs (you have at least one Masakari J to do this) to proceed on its top: this will make 5 Vultures J to activate, and they'll begin to follow your scout: make him return on its path and prepare to fend off this attack; it is possible that 2 or 3 Vultures will stop in the base or on the hill: place on big artillery strike on them and if necessary, finish them with your 'Mechs.
Now proceed north, to circle the inner perimeter protecting the third (as mission objective number) Orbital Cannon: you'l eventually find the LRM turret control tower and it spower generator: take out both of them, enter the second perimeter and destroy the Cannons: 5 Hunchback IICs w, a Mad Cat A and a Masakari A will move to destroy you; after this battle, explore this sub-section and use the reapir base in it. If you procees east, you'll find one Von Lucker protecting an other repair base, but this is useless for the mission.
Now proceed toward the second Cannon emplacement: you'll find four Cougars W patrolling a second sub-section, and the four Thors W standing still in a column: destroy the Cougars and place one or two artillery strikes on the Thors, but ignore them for now: they won't fire; a Masakari W will attack you: if you can, capture the turret control tower befoe engaging the Masakari, the several LRM turrets in the area will give you a significant help. Now move south, and explore this sub-section: 2 Vultures, one Mad Cat and one Thor (all J variant) will jump in it from the south, but the LRM turrets will take care of them, though they'll may need an hand in destroying the Mad Cat and the Thor. After you destroyed these 'Mechs, destroy the Orbital Guns and dock with the nearby repair base (on the east); all warehouses in the starport are empty.
Now it is time to move toward the final Orbital Cannon: proceed along the small peninsula you'll find two Masakaris A guardind the only gate to it, and 5 Hunchback IICs J will jump near you to support them: it is nearly impossible to destroy all 'Mech, and it's better to order to your 'Mechs to run toward the last Cannon, and destroy it: be careful, an other Masakari (this time a J variant) is guarding it; ignore all enemies, and destroy the Cannon ASAP.
After all Cannons have been destroyed, sit back and enjoying the (short) ending movie.


Original Mission Walk-Through-Descriptions where made by Briareos Kerensky (c)2001 - i hope he sees his mission reviews here as a compliment. If he feels offended i will replace the information with other walkthrough files i have but this was the most entertaining one for me and i would like to give it a tribute by showing it in my Remastered MCG-Version-Guide.
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