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24 May 17

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So we've got 3 upcoming packs that are full of exclusively hero mech variants of existing chassis. I'm not totally sure about whether or not its helpful for me to be making these pieces for the hero packs, but I need a break from Skill Tree math, so it'll be good to think of something else for a while. Something with slightly fewer decimals.

Now, these are a lot of mechs spread over multiple packs, so I'm gonna be doing things a bit differently. I still am including a specific build for each that I think illustrates its unique potential, but I'm not gonna spend a full paragraph telling you about how the Shadow Cat gets an extra missile hardpoint.

That being said, some of these require...a bit of discussion.

IS Lights

Urbanmech K-9
  • Endo, Ferro (RA stripped, Head at 5, RT at 12, max elsewhere), STD180 (97.2 KPH), 2 JJs
  • 5x MPL
  • 11 DHS
I think this will probably be the best Urbanmech (depending on quirks), but we'll see. Shouldn't be exactly OP.

Wolfhound Grinner
  • Endo, Ferro (Arms stripped, Head at 7, max elsewhere), XL285 (131.9 KPH)
  • 1x LPL
  • 3x ML
  • 12 DHS, ECM
The ECM is nice, but I can't say I'm super impressed in general. Still, not bad for a Wolfhound, and again that'll depend on quirks.

Panther Katana Kat
  • Endo, Ferro (Head at 12, max elsewhere), XL250 (115.7 KPH), 2 JJs
  • 2x LL
  • 2x ML
  • 11 DHS
Eugh. This one really depends on quirks, but I doubt it'll come close to the PNT-9R.

IS Mediums

Crab Florentine
  • Endo, Ferro (Arms stripped, Head at 12, max elsewhere), XL300 (97.2 KPH)
  • 2x PPC
  • 2x SRM4A w/ 1.5 tons of ammo
  • 13 DHS
I like the idea of this mech, but it's really gonna depend on hardpoint locations (I'm pretty sure that picture is just of an existing Crab's head and CT hardpoints). If the ST mounts are high, this could be a really cool machine. If not, I think it'll still be fun.

Enforcer Ghillie
  • Endo, Ferro (RA stripped, Head at 16, max elsewhere), XL280 (90.7 KPH), 1 JJ
  • 3x ERLL
  • 17 DHS, ECM
Basically, it's like the sniper Phoenix Hawk but with way less speed and more heat sinks. I think it could be pretty damn good.

IS Heavies

Grasshopper Mjölnir
  • Endo, Armor (RA stripped, Legs at 49, max elsewhere), XL325 (75.2 KPH), 1 JJ
  • Gauss Rifle w/ 3 tons of ammo
  • LPL
  • 4x ML
  • 16 DHS
I like that you can cram all the energy into the torso sections on this and pair it with a ballistic, but I can't see it getting used over the GHR-5N or any existing Ballistic/Energy heavies.

Black Knight Partisan
  • Endo, Armor (Legs at 49, max elsewhere), XL350 (75.6 KPH)
  • AC/20 w/ 3.5 tons of ammo
  • 6x ML
  • 17 DHS
I think it's really cool that there's no lower arm actuator on this thing, since there's not a lot of AC/20 arms in the game outside of the gun-arm dudes (Jagermech, Rifleman, Blackjack, etc.) I'm not sure it'll be any good, but it could be a decent skirmisher.

IS Assaults

Zeus Skokomish
  • Endo, Armor (LA at 6, max elsewhere), XL340 (68.8 KPH)
  • 4x SRM6A w/ 5.5 tons of ammo
  • 2x MPL
  • 16 DHS
This is the first Zeus with 4 missile hardpoints, making it ideal for an SRM boat. And if it gets any SRM quirks at all reall, it could be quite good at that. But as is, it's looking pretty slow and 4 SRM6s isn't a lot to rely on for an Assault.

Mauler Knockout
  • Endo, Armor (Legs at 67, LA stripped, max elsewhere), STD325 (58.5 KPH)
  • 4x SRM6A w/ 5 tons of ammo
  • LB10 w/ 2 tons of ammo
  • 16 DHS
I could kinda copy and paste everything from the Zeus, but the beefed up survivability and backup weapons is a big help. Still, that's a really slow brawler.

King Crab Kaiju
  • Endo, Armor (Legs at 69, arms stripped, max elsewhere), STD300 (48.6 KPH)
  • 2x UAC/5 w/ 6.5 tons of ammo
  • 2x LRM10A w/ 5.5 tons of ammo
  • 14 DHS
I feel like this thing just has so much potential, but...I couldn't squeeze anything really special out of it. Everything I wanted to do ended up being too heavy or too lame. But if the ballistic hardpoints are high, it should be workable.

Clan Lights

Mist Lynx w/ ED & G Omnipods
  • cEndo, cFerro (Head at 12, max elsewhere), CXL175 (113.4 KPH), 6 JJs
  • 4x cERML (RT, RA)
  • 13 DHS
I think this is actually pretty cool that you're able to side-load this stuff.

Arctic Cheetah w/ SH & E Omnipods
  • cEndo, cFerro (max everywhere), CXL240 (129.6 KPH), 6 JJs
  • 8x HMG w/ 4 tons of ammo
  • 2x Flamer
  • 12 DHS
This could be crazy good, or crazy bad. But 8 Heavy Machine Guns's a lot of Heavy Machine Guns. But since they're probably no good against armor, you might want to swap out the flamers and heat sinks for something like small pulses.

Jenner IIC Fury
  • cEndo, cFerro (Head at 10, max elsewhere), XL295 (136.5 KPH), 2 JJs
  • cLPL
  • 6x HMG w/ 2 tons of ammo
  • 10 DHS
This one's pretty underwhelming, but I'm not upset about that and a ballistic Jenner could be cool.

Clan Mediums

Ice Ferret w/ RC & P Omnipods
  • cEndo, cFerro (max everywhere), CXL360 (129.6 KPH)
  • 5x HML
  • 15 DHS, ECM
The Ice Ferret gets a whole lot of new options from the Hero and new C-Bill omnipods; the Hero gives you 4 missile hardpoints, and the C-Bill one gives you 6 energy. I think this could make the Ice Ferret pretty good, since its lack of hardpoints has been one of the biggest issues it has had.

Shadow Cat w/ MI & H Omnipods
  • cEndo, cFerro (max everywhere), CXL270 (97.2 KPH)
  • 4x SRM4 w/ 5 tons of ammo
  • 2x SPL
  • 12 DHS
The Shadow Cat's really only getting an extra missile hardpoint (the Hero RA is no big deal) and it's coming from the C-Bill variant, which is nice. But it's not gonna revolutionize the chassis.

Hunchback IIC Deathwish
  • cEndo, cFerro (Head at 14, legs at 44, max elsewhere), CXL255 (82.6 KPH)
  • Gauss Rifle w/ 2.5 tons of ammo
  • 5x cERML
  • 17 DHS
If this thing just had jumpjets, it would become such a good poptart. As is, it looks like a pretty cool gauss vomit platform, serving as legit competition for the heavies. Again, not revolutionary, but pretty cool.

Clan Heavies

Mad Dog w/ BA & H Omnipods
  • cEndo, cFerro (Head at 12, legs at 42, max elsewhere), CXL300 (81.0 KPH)
  • 2x UAC/20 w/ 5 tons of ammo
  • 12 DHS
It's not enough ammo or heat sinks, but it's so cool anyways. I think swapping the 20s out for UAC10s and slapping on a few lasers would be a better option, but this is so much cooler. Unfortunately, it's limited to the Hero omnipods...

Ebon Jaguar w/ EC & D Omnipods
  • cEndo, cFerro (LA stripped, legs at 51, max elsewhere), CXL325 (81.0 KPH)
  • 2x Gauss w/ 5 tons of ammo
  • 2x cERSL
  • 13 DHS
This is the most problematic bit of the packages. The extra side torso ballistic hardpoint for the Ebon Jaguar does mean that it's absolutely pay-to-optimize, and potentially p2w. This example doesn't do a great job of illustrating the latter point (dual gauss on a JJ-less heavy isn't the end of the world, regardless of how high the mounts are), but you can also fit dakka builds and all sorts of new and improved ballistic/energy hybrids with high mounts and loads of tonnage.

Hellbringer w/ VI & P Omnipods
  • Structure, Armor (arms at 1, legs at 56, max elsewhere), CXL325 (81.0 KPH)
  • 2x cLPL
  • 4x cERML
  • 21 DHS
Thankfully, both new variants of the 2 Energy RTs, which means you don't need to shell out for this build. I'm a big fan of the tight weapon grouping and armless weight savings you get out of this build, not to mention the high mounts.

Orion IIC Sköll
  • cEndo, cFerro (LA at 1, legs at 58, max elsewhere), CXL360 (77.8 KPH)
  • Gauss Rifle w/ 3 tons of ammo
  • 2x cERPPC
  • 20 DHS
It's basically a Clan Protector, but with one less ballistic hardpoint. So we're looking at way too many heatsinks for the weapons we actually have.

Clan Assaults

Gargoyle w/ KW & E Omnipods
  • cEndo, cFerro (RA stripped, legs at 58, max elsewhere), CXL400 (81.0 KPH)
  • 4x SRM6A w/ 5.5 tons of ammo
  • 4x cSPL
  • 18 DHS
Finally, 4 missile hardpoints on the Gargler. I think this is basically what it'll look like, and I think it'll be really badass. Unfortunately, you're gonna need the Hero LT to truly optimize this thing, but with it this will be a nasty little machine.

Executioner w/ CH & E Omnipods
  • Structure, cFerro (RA stripped, legs at 65, max elsewhere), CXL380 (64.8 KPH), 4 JJs
  • UAC/20 w/ 4 tons of ammo
  • 4x SRM4 w/ 4.5 tons of ammo
  • 17 DHS
This is a pretty cool-looking fast brawler, like a slightly weaker Spirit Bear with jump jets. It does require the Hero omnipods, though, and the C-Bill variant doesn't seem like it'll be too valuable.

Highlander IIC Keeper
  • Structure, Armor (legs at 61, max elsewhere), CXL325 (58.5 KPH), 1 JJ
  • 2x UAC/10 w/ 6 tons of ammo
  • 4x SRM6A w/ 4 tons of ammo
  • 18 DHS
I think this could be a pretty cool variant. Easily the best Highlander IIC, like the HGN-IIC-C on steroids. Plus, you can do builds that use 2 LB20s or Gauss, with missile backup weapons.


It's hard to make predictions about a lot of these because of the lack of quirk info, but there is cause for concern about that Ebon Jaguar, and I'd estimate about half of these Heroes are either the best variant of the chassis, or have the omnipods required for the best builds on the chassis. Can't say I'm too pleased by that, even though PGI is releasing a buttload of C-Bill variants alongside those Hero Omnimechs.

Still, enough of the new options are cool rather than good for me to still be looking forward to their releases, in general.

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