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MechCommander Modding / MCG - Darkest Hours - Terms of Use
« Last post by RizZen on Yesterday at 10:55 AM »
Terms of use

MCG Darkest Hours CONTENT
Copyright (c) RizZen 2017.

Reproduction  & translation of my work (as a whole or parts of it) in any mode without permission is strictly forbidden allowed.
I don´t claim owner rights of all informations and files i have created while modding and working on this game. Anyone is free to do with it what´s desired. I love to test new game improvements and evolving old retro games and what i have done on MechCommander is my tribute to one of the best Real-Time-Tactics games i´ve ever played. I don´t feel offended or betrayed when someone is using my Version - i would be honored.

All names and marks are properties of respective owners (FASA Interactive / BattleTech / Microsoft) - freeware since 2006 (Begin of Modding: 02/2017).

MCG Darkest Hours - Guide
MCG Darkest Hours - Full Version (all versions)
MCG - Downloads on NGNG
are all officially hosted by hosters of
Without this website & forum there won´t be a single version of mod / full version for MechCommander. Only after inhalating all information on this website i was able to edit game content. Therefore i dedicate MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours - with all content to NGNG, SeanLang and his crew. If changes are desired i admit my help to make them. My only attempt on MechCommander is and was all-time = FUN!
MechCommander Modding / Solving Old Bugs
« Last post by RizZen on 21 Jun 17 »
dont worry about it too much, i will just pop here what i see when I get to it and hope it helps you at some point in the future :)
Thank you very much!

But i understand why. In the past six months i learned all about this game. The reason is that every change you do (especially when editing game-balance-effecting things) efforts many changes on Gamefiles. The files don´t exist only once into games files. There are several copies - and game synchronizes these files and needs duplicates that are 100% copies of the files you may change to affect these changes.
To implement it succesfully you need not only to change extracted and *.fst files but also core files and *.exe- hardcoded stuff. There are possible work-arounds and solutions in my mind but they effort many time on the one hand and more expertises - or a specialist being able to make these changes... - and i also say it´s not impossible. But it needs most work-load and time...
dont worry about it too much, i will just pop here what i see when I get to it and hope it helps you at some point in the future :)
yes, those 2 changes are not with a high priority because dont affect game so much and anyway game works 100% with them.
More modders tried this in past...but failed, so yes, its hard :) but not impossible.

anyway...what i cant understand is why is like this and why is so hard to change. (R. Arm bug)
Because normal values are already in BOT mechs and even in some player mechs (reward mechs from missions...when you get those mechs they work 100% like BOT mechs..with weapons assigned symmetrically, and then are changed. Best example Masakari J reward, here this stuff can be seen better).
Cant those files, values or codes...whatever they are...simply copied from BOT mechs to Player mechs?
I dont think it must be reworked 100% because normal things, how it should be, are already in game...on BOT mechs.

MP is another story and not so important for this...because if all players will use same version all compatibility problems become inexistent. So that depends mostly, if not only, by players to update their game.

What i think is important is to make those changes for SP first.

Anyway, like i said, its not a high priority bug. Are just ideas for future ;)
Just like weapon i saw in another topic on this mechs...etc.
I only plan to solve bugs and maybe fill empty containers. For Turret controls of Op1Mis13 it is the same with other usermade customer campaign missions: When i want to correct bugs on it i need to extract it first. Only extracted missions i have are original ones cause i wrote them.
So it will take some time. At the moment i would like to go on continuing and waiting for ToDo-List in order to have a good result with just one update instead of making several small updates. So thank you for the reports and go on giving me more input what to change where in which mission. I will keep this in mind too and can include it in list.

- Right Arm bug (for player mechs all weapons are assigned on Righ Arm)
- Targeting specific location on enemy mechs (if this can work on any distance and in moving...will be a great improvement)

Aslong confused_shelf is doing his weapon & vehicle mods i want to wait putting a hand on it. Changing mech chassis / hardpoints will be not that easy. This is hardcoded stuff same like new warrior´s multiplayer malfunction. If i would change the hardpoints splitting weapons on other body parts multi-player compability will be lost until Original-CD-ISO update. This efforts more knowledge then i have at the moment. Im no *.exe file specialist neither C++ programmer. But both of these are needed to make these changes work then - apart from the fact that it will be massive workload just to make the changes itself - and when it´s finished there is still a long journey to introduce them.
Same with targetting - if i would make changes on game-balance (changing or balancing some values) it will definetely not work for Multi-Player - even if it would be possible to introduce it into single-player campaigns - a ISO-Update of ROOT files will also be necessary to be able to use it. Correct me if im wrong - maybe another modder finds another solution or workaround - but i only know those - and it´s too much time investment to do now. Other things like little older bugs i can work on faster so priority for first is there. I will keep this in my mind also - when an *.exe specialist shows up here willing to help me doing some hardcoded stuff for game ROOT files and it´s *.exe files would be really nice.
I THINK there is an empty container on op1 mission 7, as the sound doesnt trigger on a crate east of drop zone 3 ( on the dirt near the water)

also op1 mission 13, is it possible to get the heavy turret controls at the depot? I cant jump or walk close enough to get it. Are they linked to anything? ( i assume the pain in the backside artillery turret at the northern depot that wrecked my squad)

Both in original campaign btw, I do like the mod as it revived my interest in MCG (currently about to start op 1 mission 14). Any plans to change other of the base missions like you did with 1-1?
- Kotare´s Turkina - Bug (Op4.Mis10)
- Start League Colonel Wirth - Killing mission objective (you can simply make this an Secondary objective and mission become playable)
- missing extraction marker in mission Op1Mis14 (marker works but is invisible on map {not mini map} for players)
- updating and bugfixes for ALL mission briefings (correct op and mission numbers f.e.)
- ...
- Right Arm bug (for player mechs all weapons are assigned on Righ Arm, not balanced distribution)
- Targeting specific location on enemy mechs (if this can work on any distance and in moving...will be a great improvement)

next, i must check expansion campaing and see if i can find something.
Yeah but having a Mad-Cat chassis with Turkina Sprites isn´t ok. I will have a deeper look into missions soon and pick up some bugs to solve. This is one.

I make a To-Do-List, please tell me if something is missing i can add it then:

- Kotare´s Turkina - Bug (Op?Mis?)
- Start League Colonel Wirth - Killing mission objective
- missing extraction marker in mission Op1Mis14 (marker works but is invisible on map {not mini map} for players)
- updating and bugfixes for ALL mission briefings (correct op and mission numbers f.e.)
- ...

I will work on that list as soon i can find time and motivation for. The changes which i will make for updating missions will be 99% included in file updates for only ONE *.fst file i created seperate in order only to include mission updates for old bugs. The file´s name is 00_MUpdate.fst in main folder.
So updating game with bugfixes for missions won´t effort new update packs nor new content in full version. I will do it like above with 01_PuWa.fst for warrior and purchase files. Just offering always the latest version of it as optional download.
The only Mission Update i have done so far, means only mission i have changed is one of the last Turncoat missions in expansion campaign where i had to replace four upcoming warriors with empty slots and additional drop weight to compensate not having them as allies in mission. Reason was that the way creators introduced warriors in mission doesnt work and cause errors. It only worked on their campaign cause it was last mission - so without another mission following it worked cause game ends before errors occure. The additional drop weight in this mission is equal to the total weight of the allies you would have got in original version of this mission.
Another SMALL change i have made is a replacement for mission op4mis01 - you get magic here instead of Firestorm. You get firestorm later in Mission Op5Mis13.

Clan-Tech issues
Next thing i would like to have is a EXACT list of missing salvage / empty salvage containers. My solution for missing mixed tech would be to enhance empty places with clan weapons to loot.

Mixed-Tech information:
You don´t need to download Mixed-Tech from other sites. The mixed-tech patch on MechCommanderOnline only includes 39 purchase items for shop, DH-Version contains all (49 total) - and the MT-Patch from this site doesn´t contain many playable vehicles. DH-Version has all vehicles included too.
Prices in shop and stats for mechs/items/vehicles where not changed by me, so from playing situation nothing should have changed. The differences with warrior skills and ranks i already explained, where not done by me and are reversible like i show in *.fit file solution above.
Additional info: You still not understand how purchases work. The both files called mixed-tech patch are nothing else than basic clan & is masterfiles. In multi-player and solo-missions all items in shop are set to unlimited by default. That is reason because you can use full mixed tech here.
In single-player campaigns you can set to unlimited by default too - but game ignores it and uses data it gets from individual purchase file for each mission. That is the reason your mixed-tech not works here cause ALL purchase files need to be updatet for making it work.

A possible solution to integrate Mixed-Tech to SP i have in mind would be to make changes in these files:

For Original Single-Player-Campaign
C:\GAMES\MCG Darkest Hours\data\missions\
C:\GAMES\MCG Darkest Hours\data\missions\
For Expansion Single-Player-Campaign
C:\GAMES\MCG Darkest Hours\data\missions\

I don´t know if this works cause i have never tried. But when i would like to introduce Mixed-Tech i maybe would try editing these files. They define WHAT purchase file is used by certain mission. Means these are two lists containing all campaign missions & references/links to their individual purchase files.
In order to make changes on them yourself you need them extracted. The latest extracted-purchase file you can download here.
Editing them and getting game to use it works same way like you have done with files. Aslong you have an extracted version of file in folder-path above - game will use this one instead of the copy in its main folders 01_PuWa.fst file. This is reversible too. To have original Darkest Hours purchases again just remove the extracted files out of you game´s mission directory.
What needs to be changed? In best case you can change all links referring to single purchase files to only one purchase file containing master file´s purchase entries with unlimited availability. Worst case: If this doesn´t work - referring all missions to ONE purchase file - you need to copy the master-purchase 91 times and replace single-purchase files with updatet ones. - but then you can just update the existent without changing the two files above. I´am not sure if game accepts using one purchase file several times for several missions - or not - that´s something that needs to be figured out by trial and error.
And to be sure not having danger of double pilots and wasted skill points (cause double pilots needs to be sold for workaround warriorbug) i would not make the 14 warriors available for purchase. Means their status entry in each purchase file needs to be set to "Unseen". (not sure if this may cause problems after you received pilots in missions - cause the way i did making them work was to make them unseen until you get them in mission and all following purchases the received warriors i put status to "Available" in purchase - this was the way developers did too when introducing pilots out of missions. Before player could get them they where "unseen" - after the missions where you get them "available". And this is the purchase update i have done as bugfix for solving double warrior bug. I just synchronized purchase files warrior-status of availablity with XXL-Campaign-Merge to make purchases work for whole campaign without bugs.
not i edited mixtechs for campaings...i downloaded them from :)
anyway thats not a problem...i was just curious why

*ok, Kotare is bugged in original campaing too...

about Wirth
i played campaings before and had same bug. Its not from your version :)
Doesnt matter what you use..
In those prints i killed him with artys, before with mechs and did it with cheats too...same result.

Oh, and if you want more bugs, or old problems what i hope can be fixed...look here :

an old post, but my last reply describe them better.
Oh I'm excited for old bugs. I want to solve them too when time comes.


Your try for mixedtech in single-player campaigns don't work cause you need to change all purchase files to make it work. These are about 100 files.
When you edit only master file it doesn't work cause master file defines only what you can buy in general. No availability numbers work for master file. Instead game looks in each single related mission purchase for logistic purchase. These need all to be updated with new techs and equipment.
1. That's also why you can't buy pilots. You need to define in mission purchase files what is available or not in shop for each single mission of campaign.
2. At least to make it run on first mission you need to update start0.pkk file.
This is much work and originally it wasn't intended by creators that mixed tech can be used in original campaigns. But you can still get clan tech by salvaging from battlefield.


Old Mission Bugs
I have this Turkina issue too. I don't know why creators did so. I may have a look into its related *.fit file soon & updating it with some changes. I don´t think it will be a problem to make it "Turkina" in logistics too. There might be a wrong link to Mad-Cat-sprites. If i can extract the and *.abl files for this mission i will be able to make a bugfix. This should be possible to do when im working on next update.

Op5Mis13 : Play the mission with Wirth with regular mech crew and try again. I never tried it with only one commando lol - maybe it causes error with mission objective.
// Edit: Yeah i know there is a problem but i also know mission can be finished if you kill all enemy units on map. For this mission i can do same like above with Turkina - extracting mission *.abl files. Here i have two possible solutions:
1. Change mission objective from "Kill Colonel Wirth" to "Kill Colonel Wirth´s StarLeague Lance" - when there is another unit involved in this objective what i think is the case here.
2. Change objective itself, means deleting the entry for other units just leaving kill objective for Wirth and his mech.
But here is a "third" possibility - doing nothing - cause maybe - i don´t know it´s just a theory - you REALLY NEED to KILL the WARRIOR inside mech - not only mech. Means when he can EJECT and escape alive this maybe is reason for objective not being shown as "success"... - so here i would like to hear some more opinions ... - and make a final judgement after analyzing this Mission.fst in detail.
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