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27 May 14

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 MechWarrior: Living Legends Night - Thursday 5pm PDT

Looking for something different than the same old meta drops?

Come on down and give Mechwarrior: Living Legends a try! MWLL is a fan made mod for Crysis Wars (which you don't need to own). A whole lot of work has gone into making this mod and it's a shame more people don't play it these days. There are a huge variety of mechs, aerospace fighters, and even tanks you can pilot or even just take your chances in battlearmour. Clan, IS, everything you want. So if you're looking to play something different, why not give it a go.

How to install:,19022.0.html

MWLL takes a bit of getting used to so I recommend checking out the wiki before playing. There are a whole lot of vehicles and equipment to get to know.

Where: Thursdays at 5PM PDT (-7:00) On /

ALSO MWLL will go on after gamespy shuts down, there are plans in motion (or so I hear)
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27 May 14

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Good luck with it!

I am getting crashes when playing games so i doubt i will be able to join.

May MWLL live!

26 Mar 17

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MW:LL control has been relinquished by  Wandering Samurai to a group who are maintaining and actually improved and adding to the game. New launcher, and now, everything is free.

install guide:

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