Author Topic: NVA-B "Thin-Crust Strudel" (1x Gauss, 1x erPPC)  (Read 906 times)

18 Aug 15

Read 906 times

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Drop lots of armor, limited ammo, but this baby will jump high and fast with 5x Class IV JJs! 30 Gauss shots paired with cERPPs is a potential of 900+ damage. The smallest mech that theoretically can make this build work. Obviously it cannot engage directly with it's very limited armor, but it might be able to trade well from behind cover.

So purdy  ;D

Had quite a few games where I've survived like this.
NVA-B "Thin-Crust Strudel" (1x Gauss, 1x erPPC)

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29 Mar 17

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I am having no problems maybe their server was down try again if still nothing then uninstall and reinstall it maybe a file got corrupted