Author Topic:  zaku's physics soundmod - Audio Scanners Upgrade v1.0  (Read 369 times)

18 May 17

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No weapon sounds in the vid to showcase the mod

get A.S.U. - Physics (

later versions will be at my twitch @

 what this mod features

- over 30 new component destruction sounds with dynamic switching from near to far 
based on distance

- all new weapon impacts for all autocannons, gauss, missiles, MGs and PPCs for you and your targets
- new ground impacts for autocannons, gauss, and PPCs
- new artillery/airstrike impacts
- increased audible distance for most events like impacts and component destruction
- drunk betty (don't worry she's won't interfere with your other betty mods)

stuff that got culled or didn't make it

- laser impacts - probably in the next version of this mod, needs more work

- collisions - next version

- missle ground impacts - need a rework, mod uses default sounds for this in v1

- misc stuff like trees, concrete, lightpoles falling over 

Might cause slight 1-5 fps dip on computers with mid to low end CPUs (less than 4670k). Thanks to machiina, haven, shivaxi, rak and everyone else who gave me their feed back - more is always appreciated especially on something like this. Thanks for checking the mod out!