Author Topic:  Found some unused art for weapons that aren't available in the store  (Read 924 times)

24 Apr 16

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Presumably the first two are the two machine guns, neither of which are in the game by default but are in the game files. Not sure which is IS or Clan.

Then the SRM/6, Streak SRM/6, LRM/15 and LRM/20. Again all of these have game files. The Missile Turrets use the LRM/15 (although it behaves like an LRM/5), the others don't appear.

Lastly there is the Heavy Thunderbolt and Sniper Cannon. The Heavy Thunderbolt is the only one I'm sure is available to the player. They both have files but I've never come across the Sniper Cannon. Unlike the other six, these two have icons. The sniper has a unique crosshair as its icon.

No image for the Small Laser which I found kind of surprising.

25 Nov 17

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Sniper Cannon IS available in the vanilla game - IF you use the cheat that gives you one of every weapon available in the game (hereitcomes).

Also, it is sometimes found - in container stacks/component warehouses/etc - in MCG-DH.

I had, in one game, four Stilettos running around with them loaded up. That was their only weapon, but four fast-moving artillery pieces running around wreak havoc on the AI's mechs!  ;D

AND, apparently the Sniper Cannon is canon according to these pages:


Mini Long Tom (According to this page, it's a Long Tom with half the weight and half the damage of the full size version.)

Here's what it looks like in Battalion Inventory. (There are mods/savegames out there which do allow them in inventory.)
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