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19 Dec 17

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I read through the CMunsta's guide about creating new weapons and able to create weapon I wanted.
But I couldn't added it to campaign or solo missions. Simply putting extracted and modded files into objects and into art/logart folders don't work. Game simply doesn't see any undefined line in the compbas.csv. Only if you modify existing weapons in the game such as changing line about Large Laser to Heavy Large Laser works. I think you need to modify source code to add completely new weapons.
Also modifying .tga images brake them and causes to appear as corrupted image file in the game.
I don't know how cMunsta made work new weapons. Was he worked on earlier version? Because doing exactly what he did in the guide obviously not working.

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28 Feb 18

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Sorry i can´t help you with that. My intention never was to change the game physics, just to unleash it´s vanilla potential.